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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Goodie (wrap-up) + one last belly pic

I bet you didn't expect to see another blog post here unless it included a set of newborn baby girls.  Me too.  Rather, I'm 38.5 weeks and still going about life.  Which is good...  they should bake for as long as possible, right?  Thats what I keep telling myself!
At any rate - I was able to do one last photo shoot of finished baby goodies, and maybe even see Eli and Hazel too!

So a few months ago I decided I needed to sit and put my feet up more often, but I needed something to keep my hands busy!  What better project than two sweet little crocheted stroller blankets?  They're smallish, about 20" x 30" and perfect for car rides, stroller rides, and general snuggling.  Hopefully these girls are a tad more snuggly than Eli was!

I rather love the scalloped edges.  And as usual, I made the pattern up as I went... 7 rows of double crochet, then 1 row of double crochet then skip a stitch. I'm very technical, can you tell?  haha
 Two stroller quilts made from fat quarters... similar, but not identical.
Great for diaper changes as well as covering up baby legs while in their car seats.

 Hoarding is bad so I dug into my green Wild Thyme and mustard Lotus stash for the backing.  Simple cursive "L" quilting and machine binding finished these little quilts off right quick.

And the final sewing project I wanted to finish.... drum roll please!

 Cloud mobiles!  There are a gazillion different ones on Etsy (just search for "raindrop mobile" or "cloud mobile") so I figured I could use up the extra crib quilt scraps and make two of my own.  The raindrops are stuffed with cotton balls to make them puffy and 3D-like.  I think the babies will enjoy looking up at these fun mobiles. 

 Again I recruited my partner-in-crime, Jaclyn, and she drew out the cloud pattern since I am absolutely no good at that kind of thing. 

 Here we are, Easter Sunday, last family photo before Eli's sisters arrive!  
I look so ridiculous... these babies have to decide to be born soon! 

Last but not least, Eli and Hazel helping me take photos in the nursery.  
Hopefully you can tell my photos are improving - I finally have a Canon DSLR (the T3, to be exact) and I love it!

Thanks for stopping by!
My next post will definitely include newborn babies.  I promise.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A nursery built for {Twins}

 I know my posts have been few and far between as of late.  Please forgive me... my energy, motivation, and girth have been preventing me from doing much more than making it through each day, usually still in my pjs, with lots of resting and putting up of feet. But as you can see, I have accomplished a few things, like baby girl quilts!  And an almost put-together nursery!   So let's start here, with my favorite part, the quilts!

 (The chevron crib sheets are from Target!  One in grey, and one in pink!  Love them!)

All the fabrics were pulled out of my stash aside from the large "reads as solid" chunk on the right.  The colors I chose are meant to be feminine, but not overly girly... I love the grey and navy blue fabrics that make it a bit more sophisticated.  All 8 wonky blocks were made in one sitting thanks to my extremely awesome friend Jaclyn who pressed and cut while I sewed!  That gave me the motivation to buy the coordinating front fabric from my fav LQS and the flannel Riley Blake Chevrons for the backing!  Can I just say - high quality (non-Joanns) flannel is worth every penny to back a quilt!?  SO SOFT and does not pill up or get stiff.
 A bit of squiggly quilting with my walking foot for the large panel, and free-motion squares... in the squares!  I kept it somewhat sparse to maximize softness and drape - I hope the girls love them!

If you know me at all, I'm usually all about scrappy binding but these quilts called for a more subdued frame since the blocks are rather busy!  Heath by Alexander Henry in lavender purple, and another of my favorites... Aqua Midwest Modern II by Amy Butler, called "Floating Buds." 

 A couple embroidery hoops filled with scrap fabric from the quilts... plus two purple rain cloud hoops and two stinking adorable owl softies handmade by Jaclyn...

 ...turns a blank room into a nursery suited for two baby girls! 
Opposite (behind me) is a dresser with diaper changing area, thats it!  I guess I keep things simple.  Because once these girls arrive, NOTHING will be simple anymore!  haha!

Today (March 21st) I'm officially "full-term" at 36 weeks, belly pic coming soon!  Maybe I can even get Eli to be in one with me.  He kisses his baby sisters at least once a day and he loves to feel my belly then say "One kicked me!"

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I am so not crafty!

People think that I sew and quilt, therefore I'm crafty.  Sadly, how wrong they are!  Give me a glue gun and a teeny felt rosette and I'm all thumbs!  Paper crafting scares the crap out of me too, which is why I do not own (and have never made) a scrap book.  

Last night I decided to try my hand at "crafting" these adorable little headbands that I had seen on Etsy, and, thank the Lord, supplies for such headbands were discovered here and here so I can make 20 pieces for the price of two or three.... yay!  I won't answer to "Hey you, Crafty girl," but "thrifty" is my middle name.

These are made with 13" of elastic which is supposed to be newborn size.
I think they're just stinking adorable, and I plan to have the girls wear them for their newborn photo shoot, hopefully next month!

Still in the realm of crafty, but NOT involving a glue gun - embroidery hoops for Nursery decor!

These are just a few of my favorite hoops - all fabrics that can be found in the girls crib quilts... then I ran out of hoops!  Time to run to Hobby Lobby and snatch some more!
At $.69 to about $5.00 for large hoops - this is a very economical way to decorate any room, in my opinion!  Just rummage through your fabric stash, cut out a square about an inch past the edge of the hoop, position and tighten outer hoop, and trim with scissors! I had 8 done in less than an hour.

And of course, Happy Valentine's Day a few hours early!
Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Made Monday {Spool Birds}

Today I'm sharing the other half of the project - to be shipped to their new home in Kentucky tomorrow!
These 7 little birdies are going to be turned into a mobile for a brand new baby girl to be born in a few weeks, a good life for these birdies, to be sure. And the baby will hopefully enjoy these birding hanging above her crib.  I'm sure lots of cooing will be involved - hopefully no crying!

 They wanted to peer out the window - who am I to say no?

 Seven different fabrics, then I mis-matched the tops and bellies to give them a fun look.
This is my 3rd batch of birdies, the first for my son's nursery, and the second for my sisters wedding.
Here's the easy-peasy pattern from Spool should you ever want to make a flock of your own.

 I added a little loop on each birds back (hand quilting thread - which is a bit stronger than regular thread) so they can be hung instead of mounted on TOP of branches, per the request of said baby's momma.  Excellent idea - I may try that method some day!

Starting tomorrow I'll be putting the final coat of paint on my new fabric storage!  Yippeeee!
I realize that's not sewing, but its sewing related.  OH and after that, maybe tomorrow night, I'll start piecing the back for this quilt!  Now that the top is finished....

What sewing plans do you have for this week?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Nursery: birdies, Eli & Hazel oh my!

Spool Birdie Mobile sewn by me, installed by husband and sister while I was still in the hospital after Eli was born. The one project I couldn't finish in time... but it still got done!!! Vinyl wall decal by Simple Shapes on Etsy. It doesn't match everything in the nursery but it goes - know what I mean? Like wearing green sandals with a yellow sundress... woops, I digress.

Eli is enjoying his quilt AND his crib... as he sleeps in it every night. Some nights for eight hours!!! I credit the velcro Swaddle Me burrito wrap.
Action shot: Eli sleeping (and not on his quilt for safety sake)

One of my favorite parts of the nursery....This owl print is by yumi yumi on Etsy (yes I try to buy on Etsy whenever possible!) Eli loves to look up at it when I'm changing his diaper. And speaking of diapers I want to share my cloth diapering experience so far, and let me tell you, we LOVE the cloth diapers! More on that soon, I've decided.

The rocking chair is a family heirloom from my mom. The curtains are from Target but I added the fabric at the top to tie it in to the bedding, I really like how they turned out! Sorry this is such a dark photo - it was sunny this day and made it difficult to photograph the window.
I also LOVE Scottie the Dog, his home is on the rocking chair, at least until Eli is big enough to play with him!This wall faces the window... just the basics. Books, receiving blankets, lighting, and the time.

Eli stretching out on the floor... and Hazel!

Do you think Hazel has warmed up to baby Eli? I think so :-)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

36 Weeks + a Sneak Peek

I'm in the home stretch... 36 weeks today! I'm really excited to meet this little Mr. soon, and we're nearly ready for him finally! The *big* baby shower was this past Sunday (thanks Amanda, Aimee, and Carla for all your work on it) so we now have the essentials such as an infant carrier, diaper bag, and Moby Wrap, amongst other goodies! The nursery is coming along nicely as the curtains are hung, fabric is waiting to be turned into a crib skirt, and the following little guys:

...will also be part of the nursery... yummy-ness for sure! (More on these birdies soon!)

So what's that one WIP you're just dying to work on or finish??? What are you waiting for - off you go! NO time like the present~

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Layered Woods" Quilt Finished! Yup, for our little one...

Here it is! After two snow storms in a week I finally dragged Justin outside to hold it up for photos. Just tonight I asked him what I should name it and he aptly said "Layered Woods" after I described what kinds of fabric are in it. And I think that will be the official name. Odd... we can choose a name for a quilt but not our baby that's due in six weeks.... figures!

Anyhow - back to the quilt! I did end up stippling it as I wanted close quilting that would make it nice and sturdy and keep all the seams strong and long lasting. I know its nothing exciting but I do think it turned out great. Plus it doesn't detract from the strong overall design of the stacked fabric strips.

I originally made 6 rectangle blocks to work into the back (or side B) of this quilt... but after playing with, rearranging, stressing over, dreaming about, and ultimately NOT liking how anything looked after an (annoying) week I scrapped the idea of those rectangles and just used big chunks of the fabrics... including FLANNEL which is the white section. I think the flannel will make it extra cozy. Now - if Joanns carried more than 12 colors of Kona Cotton I could have probably done something with the rectangles. And yes, I realize I own a Kona Color Card but I was too impatient to wait for an order of fabric to arrive in the mail. Maybe I should have gone straight to the Kona Card and picked out some coordinating solids? Hindsight is always 20/20,eh? I needed to finish this quilt so I didn't feel like a complete failure, and so I could move on to other things in my list of projects. It was just weighing on my mind, ya know? I typically over-think my quilt layouts and decided to keep it simple this time... for my own sanity's sake.

So I'm glad its done, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome. It measures 40" x 60" after being washed... all of these photos so far are before washing, so you can see the stippling better. I realize its a bit large, but I consider it a plus because it will be big enough to cover a toddler bed when the time comes.

I made Justin take a quick shot before heading inside. He tried to get out of it but I'm good at making him laugh. I love his smile!

Finally - the binding! I LOVE how it turned out!!! As I mentioned in a prior post, its from the Flower Child collection by Iota... called Honeycomb in Creamesicle. Purchased from Hawthorne Threads, one of my favorite fabric shops! And geez, its even on sale right now!

Here's a few post-washing photo in all its crinkly goodness...

Layered Woods, in its new home, the nursery. I hope baby boy loves it as much as I do. I think I'll hold off on making a label for it so I can include birth stats and (hopefully) his name! haha