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Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun Little Finished Projects

A fun little crochet baby blanket in speckled green - approximately 40" x 40" - was finished just this week while watching 24. Isn't Jack Bauer inspiring? Oh yes, he is. This will either be saved to give at a baby shower OR sold in my Etsy Shop. We shall see.

I've been meaning to make myself a fun pincushion - and after about 8 months, I got around to it! I used some left-over fabric from (below) sisters Birdie Sling then some leather I bought at an odd & out-of-the-way fabric store in Norwalk, OH. Its filled with emery, which makes this little beauty weight about 2 lbs. Keeps my pins sharp, though! And the coriander fabric in the background... soon will become a Mother's Day gift for Gloria's man-friend's mom. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birdie Sling for Sister + a Fish Story

I seem to be on a roll with bags... I just finished this Amy Butler pattern Birdie Sling for my sister, Carrie. She is an up and coming photographer in Tampa, FL and commissioned me to make her a new bag for photo albums and all the odds & ends that she has to lug around. Its made from Michael Miller "Dandy Damask" and inside is an Organic teal blue cotton. After quite a few hours of work, here's the finished bag! Pay no attention to my tiny, yet-to-be planted garden covered in petals... ok, its kind of pretty.

And then there's Justin. (aka the Husband or boyfriend-for-life) He and about seven other Wilson men took a weekend to go fishing and camping in SE Ohio at the AEP reserves. Here's the one photo I found on the camera, I'm told that its a Large Mouth Bass. Apparently its quite large considering what everyone else caught~