Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Circle of Geese Quilt {A Finish} + cute little faces

May I introduce Circle of Geese!  Its been done for a few months but I'm slow to blog these days.  Anyhow, Itsn't she lovely?  All of the circles you see are paper pieced by me and the lovely ladies of the 2014 CMQ bee. I LOVE how it turned out even though I didn't (at first) care for any of the layouts I tried.  I kept the "background" low-volume and only used my favorite (hoarded) subtle prints and even some linen for good measure.

I did three different quilting designs on the various blocks and it totally stretched my FMQ skills.  Raindrop quilting on the plain squares, FMQ echo-ing on the circle of geese blocks, then twisted rope FMQ on either end of borders. I auditioned a bunch of different designs but in the end liked how the twisted rope turned out.  Mine is rather large in scale but I think it suits just fine.

Quilt Stats:
56" x 68"
Each block is 12" finished
Circle of Geese block Pattern by Sometimes Crafter (Free!)
Quilted by me
Scrappy binding, of course
Target Threshold flat sheet for the backing. Yippee!

A little label to remember who what where when and why.

This quilt is already in use in my household, and makes an excellent tumbling mat according to my two year olds. 

Ok fine.  You twisted my arm.
Here they are.  Adorable, are they not?!  Fussy, stubborn, irrational, but definitely adorable.

And Eli started Kindergarten yesterday.  How can this be?! (I rather love it.)

Thanks for stopping by! 
If I can get my act together I want to get back to blogging… just not sure if there's a market for "Look what I made/did/finished" other than Instagram and Facebook groups.  Hmmm



Marcia R said...

Lovely quilt, Cristin! How do you find time to sew??!! So glad to see pictures of the children. Congrats to big Eli!

Carla said...

I'm loving your quilt--a lot! The plain squares are a nice addition to make the geese more pronounced. The two plus quilts in the previous posts are gorgeous.

Laurel09 said...

Just dropping in to say that I do not instagram and I love to see what people made/did/finished, so if you want a survey of if there is a market/audience, I am one vote for yes! And I really love that quilt.