Friday, December 26, 2014

Wonky Logcabin Quilt - Gifted

Have you ever finished a large quilt or sewing project and the leftover fabric just stares you down saying "Turn me into something too!" Well it didn't take much thinking to decide on a way to use up my Vice Versa Quilt scraps.  

I have an amazing neighbor, Linda, along with her family, who helps our family in countless ways from watching my girls while I go to Preschool pickup and borrowing tools, to bringing over little treats for the kids, to count a few.  And lets not forget that gorgeous Antique dresser now living in our playroom!
They are amazing people and I could think of no better way to show them our gratitude than to make them a quilt! 

Its lap size, about 48"x 56" and perfect for keeping cozy while watching tv or going to a High School football game.  I drew up this Improv Wonky on-point design after shooting down three or four others ideas that didn't quite tickle my fancy. The "cursive L" is a favorite go-to quilting designs that always goes fast, and gives a nice soft drape to any quilt.   

As always, a scrappy binding finishes it off for a little fun.  I hope their family enjoys this quilt for years to come!

What quilts or quilted items did you gift this year?  I'd love to see pics too if you have a link! Just post them in the comments!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a healthy one too! 
My entire family of five is sick in one form or another, since last weekend, but we're all turning for the better, fingers crossed!  Thank goodness for on-call Pediatricians and pharmacies that are open on Sunday mornings.  Sigh.

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Love this quilt!!! A log cabin block is my fav!!! I love how you put it on point and surrounded it with negative space! GOREGEOUS!!!!