Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dubious + a Dozen Blocks

It's August. Preschool has not quite begun, the weather has been odd (cold,) and the twins still take two naps a day so I felt the call to make lots and lots of blocks!  A dozen to be exact. 
Rather pretty all together, aren't they? 

I'll give you a brief synopsis on each set of blocks… because apparently I can't make just one of ANY kind of block now that I look at the above picture.  Hmmm…

These little cuties are called Braided Star Blocks, and come in at 6.5" square. Adorable!
Paper pieced, quick, and great for using up scraps!  The pattern can be found at Wombat Quilts - in the long list of star blocks!  
For the month of August in our little CMQG Bee, Joanna M. asked for each one of us to make our favorite star block.  Well, I don't really have a favorite so searched the web until one struck my fancy.  This little block did just that, and since its so small I made two. I hope they do the trick, Joanna!

Our Guild is also doing a fun little Block Raffle this month, and we can enter up to two blocks.  The winning person will win ALL the blocks… so entering two just seemed like a good idea.  If you can't tell - blocks must be wonky log cabin, in blue and/or green.  Well I just happen to have loads of blue and green scraps - so they were easy!

Modern Maples how I love you.  These will also be heading to our Guild meeting to pay a debt to a kind soul who gave me a stack of small floral prints that I had been searching for.  Her fabric choices for me were perfect so I wanted to do something kind and helpful for her.  She's working on a Modern Maples quilt and I know for a fact she needed more browns and fuchsias… so I made these up - and I love how they look!  
Thanks again Nicole! 

Last but not least, are my Vice Versa BOM blocks! 
July AND August are done! The bottom blocks are called "Fox and Geese" while the top two are called "Arkansas Snowflake" blocks. I'll be honest, these were tricky blocks, and I know they're not perfect but you know what? Once its quilted and washed, ain't nobody gonna notice.  Therefore I choose to be happy and move on.  Again, the colors just do not translate from real life to digital.  They are much more jewel-toned, really.

So there you have it!  I would like to dedicate these dozen blocks to my YouTube App, who carries a large assortment of AudioBooks, and makes my sewing time twice as enjoyable.  I'm creating something with my hands all the while escaping to other worlds/times/places via a book.  My new favorite word from said stories: "Dubious" 
Thank you, Diana Gabaldon!

And thank you for stopping by!



Kim said...

Love your braided star blocks - I may have to have a go at them myself! I'm terrible at trying different blocks and never getting round to using them, but I think they'd be lovely in a baby quilt!

AnneMarie said...

I looooove all these blocks!! Your Modern Maples have me thinking I need to make one of those quilts myself. Especially since Fall is coming. See you soon dear!