Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Vintage Star Mini Quilt

If you know me at all, you know I'm a huge fan of Jeni of In Color Order.  I've always admired her Giant Vintage Star Quilt which uses lots of old-school bed linens that many of us remember from Grandma's house or even our own childhood. I adore the simplicity of it, along with the bold one huge star design.  I don't own enough large pieces of vintage sheets to make a Giant one - YET! but I wanted to add a mini to my wall and use the snippets of vintage sheets I already own.  

I did my best to choose prints that read as one color - but again, my stash isn't extensive enough so I call this my "low-volume" Mini Vintage Star Quilt.  If you step back and squint at it, you can see the star.  
Each finished block is 3" and the entire mini is 12" square. I didn't use a pattern - just decided to go with 3" squares and lay out per the great little tutorial on Jeni's blog.

Straight stitching to outline the star design was simple, quick, and quite effective to make the star pop.  Top stitching with Aurifil 28wt Mako Cotton was a dream - and makes the stitching a more pronounced.

 Here's a better view of the quilting design from the back.

And a little Public Service Announcement:  
Always label your quilts, people!  You never know where it may end up in a hundred years!
(I know, I can dream, right?)

For the binding I chose another vintage sheet with mostly white space and just a hint of green leaves and flowers.  I think it works well!

Here she is, nestled in next to my Poinsettia Mini Quilt… love.  Love!

Yes, I have a new obsession!  Mini quilts.  Must cover entire wall.

Have you ever made a mini?  If so, how many do you own… and what number is enough?
I'm thinking eighty three might be enough.

Thanks for stopping by!


MeganW said...

That came out so darling.

(P.S. instead of typing 'came' the first time I went to write this comment my fingers typed 'cake'. My fingers must be trying to tell me something.)

Alisia said...

What are you using to label your quilts?