Tuesday, May 6, 2014

12 Months Old. ONE YEAR!

{Mckenna  &  Summer}

Well we survived the first year with twins, and big brother Eli survived too, just barely.

The girls are *so close* to walking on their own.  Summer can stand by herself.  They love pizza, looking out windows, and swinging.  They do not care for sleeping through the night or growing out of size 9 month clothing.  

At their recent 12 month checkup Summer is finally the bigger of the two, at seventeen pounds and 28" tall.  Mckenna is sixteen and a half pounds and 27.5" tall.  Small, but healthy!  They're in the 7th-11th percentiles - as usual.

We experienced the "terrible threes" with Eli, instead of "terrible twos."  I think now that he's 4… we're on the upswing.  He's almost finished with his first year of preschool, can write his name, count to 25 (only skipping a number here and there) and can sing most of the Alphabet, with J and K swapped.  Yes, its adorable.  

I always get asked, "How do you manage so well?!" I presume they mean with twin babies and a preschooler.  
Here's how:

By the Grace of God.  
With extra helpings of patience.
With the help of local Family and Friends.
Lots of coffee.  Iced or otherwise.

And by knowing this too shall pass.  Whether its two crying babies while I help Eli do this or that.  Nursing one baby while the other screams because she wanted to go first. 
And then there's the Looooong process of getting everyone in the car for an outing which takes no less than 30 minutes of changing diapers, grabbing snacks, wiping faces, finding socks, finding shoes, going potty, coaxing Brother off his bike and into his carseat.  

I'm still in awe that I've been given charge over these adorable, loud, smiley, sometimes infuriating, kidlets.  

Here's to another year of surviving.  Maybe even thriving.

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Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Well done! And the fun continues !

Carla said...

Blessings on you. You've got a very important job : )
The days are long, but the years are short. We raised six and now they are grown : )

Cynthia said...

Beautiful Family you are blessed. Cynthia

janae king...sewing patterns said...

Ahhh, your family is precious. Can't believe your twins are a year old...so much fun.

Marcia R said...

The babies are so beautiful! And I love their little dresses (am assuming you made them!) My first two children "singles" did not walk until their first birthday and my third child did not walk until she was almost 16 months. It happens when it happens, and then you wish they would stay in one place!

Stephanie said...

wow they are getting so big! I bet they'll be off and running soon! Happy birthday to your sweet girls and a happy "birth" day to you too mama! :)

Susie Schrader said...

three is always more terrible than two!! at two they know they are mad, at three they know who they are mad at!!! You have a beautiful family. Happy birthday to your sweet girls!

Angela Nash said...

Coming over to peek while my soon to be 1yr girl is napping. A rare treat! Love this post. Especially how you 'survive'. These are the sweet, golden days - we eat them up!