Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Rolling Stone Block

April's CMQG block belongs to Cynthia, and let me tell you - this block is much easier to make than it looks!   Its called "Rolling Stone" and I think it took me less than an hour to whip up… including trashing one of the corners.  I used Squared Elements in Navy to go along with the center block that Cynthia provided, from the Meadow collection by Leah Duncan.  I rather love that flower print and I'm seriously considering buying a few prints… Coral, navy, and aqua - yes please!

My month is July and I have yet to nail down a block for everyone to make for me!  I think I'll be browsing this LARGE collection of blocks over the next few days.  And I need a color palette! Navy, Aqua, Coral? 
*seriously thinking about it!*

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Monday, April 14, 2014

{A First Birthday Party}

Birthday festivities for the twins commenced last Friday, at a local play cafe we've frequented more than once.  I tried to keep it simple with pizza, fruit and cupcakes... along with amazingly yummy Cake Pops.  And can I say, the secret to super smooth chocolate on the cake pops is 1 teaspoon of oil added to the melted dipping chocolate.  This was my second try at cake pops and these turned out immensely better than the first.
You're welcome.

Fun was had by all - but the birthday girls were mellow and probably a little shy around so many people.  That's ok, I don't blame them one bit.

The cupcakes and smash cakes were made by local friends who own Tia's Cupcakes and More (look them up on FB if you're in Columbus!) and the display looked amazing, the cake was divine, and they totally out did themselves with the flowers on the cupcakes.  
Now, the token babies-eating-cake did not really happen as they weren't quite sure what to do with such lovely cakes... but again, I'm ok with that.  Sugared-up 12mo olds aren't my favorite thing before bedtime.  My three kidlets slept like rocks that night, though, for the first time in months. Ahem, Summer.  I'll take it!

Fun was had by all, and we now have two new favorite toys.  Smack dab in my living room.
Hey, if they're happy, I'm happy.  Thanks Grandparents!

Now that this huge milestone is behind us... and the girls are becoming more self-sufficient, maybe I can squeeze more quilting in!  Right....

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