Thursday, March 20, 2014

{A Baby Tunic}

Guess what I've been getting more and more into!  No really, go ahead, guess.  I'll give you a minute.

Ok times up!
Baby girl clothes! For obvious reasons AND I now have two little nieces so I've got baby clothes ideas out the wazoo.  Seriously, people.

I wanted to find a simple, easy to follow tunic or dress-type piece to make for my little niece, Lainey.  (Ok, and to test out for my girls!)  I get a pin from Jac (aka crazy momma who makes a dozen dresses per month for her two year old sweet pea) so I check it out and see its a FREE pattern, so why not give it a try?  So here it is... the Little Tummy Tunic.

Keep in mind, Summer, here, is about ten months old, and teeny for her age.  I made the 12mo size just to get a good gauge of the pattern.  I'd say it fits length wise, but is extremely wide.  My little niece is three months younger than Summer so maybe Lainey can wear it by the fall?  As you can see, its super cute with jeggings and a onesie.
(And a doggie stealing a kiss!)

No more hoarding my pink Mingle circles.  I chose it for the back.  I love it.  
Plus I added Ric Rac at the bottom - another first for me!  SO easy to do though - and there are a bazillion different ways to use it for trimming a dress or top.  I chose the easiest path, just stitching directly to the backside of a finished hem.

Thank you, Summer, for being my baby model.  You were fabulous, daaahling.

And thank you, Eli, for holder her hands so I could get somewhat decent shots.  Rock on, dude.  You're a good big brother.  No really, you are.  

So tell me:  what's on your sewing list for this spring?
My list includes jersey headbands, a baby quilt for other little niece, and a crossbody bag, among other already started quilts.  Gheesh.

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Laurie said...

If you are interested in doing baby girl clothes- you ought to try the Roller Skate dress by Oliver and S. I never make clothes and I whipped two out in two nights. I didn't think it was bad not having a serger either. Beautiful pics and cute model too!