Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's the Small Things

 A lot of small things have been given my attention lately. No queen sized quilts.  No huge duffle bags.  No dresses for me.  And that's ok.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Least of all me.  So here are the small sewing projects that I've been working on, even finishing... and it feels great!

I've had this baby shoe pattern for months but just last week got around to cutting out the pattern and stitching them up!  I'm a quilter - anything in 3D freaks me out... but I'm pleasantly surprised with these shoes!  The first pair took me all of three hours, but the second only about an hour.  It seems like most of my girls going-out outfits are coral so I thought some adorable coral-ish shoes would be just the ticket.

I reversed the fabric for the outside and lining and voila - coordinating, but not matching shoes.  I'l try to get an action shot of the babies wearing them - but if you saw their 9 month pictures... you'll wish me good luck.  Summer, especially, does not sit quietly.  Ever.

I've finally pulled this Fresh Lemons Poinsettia mini quilt pattern out of my WIP pile and finished piecing it... and decided to have a go at hand-quilting.  The linen is giving me a run for my money as its roughly twice as thick as regular quilting weight cotton... in my mind.  

Thanks to a nice little hand-quilting 101 blog post from Anna Maria Horner, I understand the proper technique and so I consider this mini good practice and maybe I'll attempt more hand-quilting on a non-linen piece, someday.  Again, Ain't nobody got time for that! 
I can't wait to hang this in my sewing studio!  

Last but certainly not least, is a Modern Maples block for Nicole who happens to have February for our Columbus Modern Quilt Guild Bee!  The pattern presumed I was using all the same print for the orange parts... so I had to wing it in terms of making the half square triangles.  Suffice it to say they did turn out plenty large enough to trim down to size.  Phew!

I do rather love this block and after perusing the "Falling for Modern Maples" flickr group... I may have to make an entire Modern Maples quilt!  Maybe this fall!  (Here's my fav!)

What small projects are on your to-do list?
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

{9 months already} + a fresh start

These girls.  Over 9 months old now!  Weighing in under 15lbs they are small but feisty ... Summer is crawling and pulling up on furniture, she loves Cheez-Itz (I know!  But at this point, its the least of my worries) she has one tooth in with the second taking its time.  Mckenna is sweet as honey, sleeps 12 hours without a peep,  and loves Cheerios. She has two bottom teeth.  They both just adore their big brother - every day they find something worth laughing with him about.  Makes me laugh too!

This time last year I couldn't even imagine what my life was going to be like.  Now I cannot imagine my life without these two sweet angels.  Every day there are usually a few moments of mass chaos, (aka two or more screaming their precious little heads off,) but thats to be expected... as every mama can attest to, right?

So January.  Here in Ohio it has been week after week of crazy cold, snow, and general meteorological misery.  And I LOVE winter, so that's saying something!  I've gotten very little sewing time thanks to the gorgeous above faces, but I have managed to slowly clean up and uncover my entire cutting table!  

I had forgotten how big it is! The long-over due WIPs are sitting there on the corner...  one being a quilted pillow cover I started over a year ago.  *Insert cringe here*
Yes, I promise to show you soon - its a gorgeous paper-pieced pattern by Faith over at Fresh Lemons Quilts, called Poinsettia.  Hmm... maybe I should keep it as a wall hanging instead of turning it into a pillow.  That back wall is rather bare above my table! 
Isn't January February a great time to start fresh?  I'd say so!

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