Monday, January 6, 2014

{Vice Versa BOM} - January Blocks

Not too shabby, eh?  I had these pretties finished within a day of receiving the instructions... Me? Excited? No! 

Ok, maybe a little. 
Each block measures 12.5" unfinished... and I just rediscovered my affection for my 12.5" square ruler - nothing wrong with a little OCD perfection, right?

So far, I'm quite smitten with the Vice Versa BOM ("Block of the Month") Club! Slowly and methodically creating a gorgeous quilt in one years time - right up my alley.  AnneMarie always puts together a fun and unexpected quilt layout with super easy instructions - the perfect combination!
Check out everyone's blocks in the Flickr Group, too!

And here's your free tidbit for a frigid Monday:
Target.  They have Washi-looking Scotch tape.  Need I say more?
I'm told Dollar Stores also carry it.  I must collect Every. Single. One.

Thanks for stopping by!  And if you're also experiencing ridiculously sub-zero temperatures this week... stay in, stay warm, and go sew something!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vice Versa Block of the Month Club 2014 {my year of selfish sewing}

via Gen X Quilters
Happy New Year!  My New Years Resolutions is to write 2014 instead of 2013.  Nailed it.

Moving on to more exciting things!  Like the Vice Versa BOM Club hosted by one of my good friends, AnneMarie of gen x quilters!  I have never been part of a Block of the Month club but I'm really excited to begin on Friday!  
AnneMarie has designed the above quilt layout just for us, and I love the traditional blocks set in a contemporary layout and with solid colors!  Each month we'll be making two blocks: really two of the same block, but with the colors inverted!
Like so:

Get it? Gorgeous, right?!

So here's how it works.  Sign up and purchase your monthly subscription and then starting this Month you'll be emailed the instructions for that months block.  You pick if you want to make a lap size (9" blocks) or large twin size (12" blocks.)

You can start anytime, and even purchase individual months if you want.  At 2 blocks per month, it's totally doable and you'll have a finished quilt by the end of 2014!  

Not only is this my first BOM but its also my first ALL SOLIDS quilt!  After much deliberation and scrutinization (and the deconstruction) of my Kona color card... I've come up with my 5 colors:

My last few quilts have been very aqua and pastel so I've decided to step it up with some Jewel tones... including pink and purple! I'm rather excited, if you cannot tell.

Now go and check out this fun Club and join the Flickr group too - to see everyone's progress!  I'll be sure to show monthly updates on my blocks too.

Ok, so just one more resolution:
Selfish sewing!  
That means lots of quilts, projects, maybe even some clothing for me, my family, and my friends.  No custom Etsy orders for 12 months.  I'm usually such a push-over and can't say no to extra fabric money... but 2014 is my year.  "No" is my new favorite word ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!