Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don't be shocked...

A Carter's onesie paired with DS Quilts fabric - love!

But I've been sewing more onesie dresses!  No, not for my girls, for a handmade show a friend and I will be participating in come early November!  Yes yes, I know. I have way too much going on to fiddle with a craft show - but this will be low-key and the items we're making are simple, and hopefully fly off the shelves. Plus it gives me something in terms of a goal besides managing babies and a preschooler 24/7.  I thoroughly love being a mom but I rather miss the creative process, ya know? Yes, you know. ;-)

More to come later!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Finish Friday + {adorable-ness}

Hi there!
Thanks for hanging around while I have almost nothing in the way of new blog posts... going from one kid to three has been keeping me pretty busy, if you can imagine!  Very little sewing has been happening, but I'm resigned to the fact it just takes time to get solid nap times established and get them both sleeping through the night.  Four months seems to be a very precarious time when they're developing and learning lots of new things like sitting up, holding toys, and rolling this way and that.  I haven't had a solid night of sleep in many weeks - but this too, shall pass... or so I'm told.

So here are the two things I've actually finished in the last... errr... few months. 

A new stroller quilt/changing mat for my newborn niece, Lainey!  Lainey's mama loves bicycles so how could I not use this fun fabric?  Chevron binding and an apple back finishes it nicely, I think.
  I'm a fan of the wavy quilting too - quick, and keeps it soft!

So how about some more onesie dresses!
I love them with basic solid colored onesies, then a fun fabric for the skirt!
The brown flowers on creme are called Wild Thyme by Carolyn Gavin (oop?) which I've been hording for ages and figured hey, time to cut into it! The grey chevrons are Riley Blake, I believe!  

And since its a mortal sin to NOT include a baby pic - here's Mckenna, snoozing away... not a care in the world:

Fine.  One more :-)

Quilting can wait (for now) - these sweet faces come first.

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