Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{a peek behind the scenes}

Sometimes I wonder where all my time goes and what I've ACTUALLY accomplished in a week or a month. 

By looking back at photos its clear.... a few things do happen:

We spent five days in Florida over Thanksgiving! Me, my two sisters, their husbands, three babies, and Grammy.  Yes, we did fly.  Yes, we did survive.

While in Tampa we visited the zoo!  They had a bunch of manatees... Eli loved it.

Sometime in November I participated in a craft show.  I can now make a lanyard in 10 minutes flat. 

Last weekend we went out and chopped down a Christmas Tree.  (After all, its the Wilson way.)  Four other adult family members were there to help us look after the munchkins.  Fear not.  I think this photo was about the only time I held a baby.  I won't call anyone a baby-hog... *cough* Grandpa!

Not only did the tree eventually get decorated, the mantel was swagged out and stockings hung with care.  I hope to make a small stocking for wittle Hazel still.  
Should I add names to the stockings?  Maybe in dark grey felt?  Or puffy paint?  hehe

I just today mailed out this custom baby quilt.  My LAST ONE for a very long time.  I realized my stress level just goes through the roof when I have a quilting deadline.  I'm making 2014 my year of selfish sewing.  No custom order quilts.  Period.  Its all for me, baby!  Er, well, probably a few gifts will be thrown in for good measure.  Woohoo!

Ok, enough about me. 
 How have ya'll been?  We're in the thick of the Holiday Season - are you making handmade gifts this year?  Even just one or two? I might just get one little handmade gift done this year.  For everyone else, its gift cards all around!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Martha said...

I LOVE the family photo!!! Awesome, made me smile :^)
We go cut our tree down every year too, the Briese tradition!! Now we are bringing the grandchildren along!! FUN!
Have a very Merry Christmas!! And thanks for sharing!!