Thursday, October 10, 2013

6 months old & taking a Scrappy Trip

I can scarcely believe these little cuties have been in my charge for 6 months already!  Summer & Mckenna are such good babies - we really are blessed beyond compare!  They are quick to smile, reluctant to fuss, and excellent sleepers! Well... I did get a little professional help on the sleeping front, you would too if you had 2 babies each waking up 3 times per night.  Talk about exhausting.  

This weekend the girls will be starting solid foods, they both are getting good at sitting up (see above photo!) and they're on the verge of crawling too!  Holy cow - I feel like they'll be starting High School if I look away too long.  Man time flies.

Can you also believe this is my first ever Scrappy Trip Around the World block? It was all the rage... was it last fall & winter?  All I knew was that I loved the block, but there was no way I was starting ANOTHER project while pregnant with twins.  So I drooled over everyone's blocks... and eventually quilts... but I never joined in.  Can I just say it is SO easy to make, and this tutorial makes it clear as day how to whip one up.  

I have two blocks done but I probably won't get to keep them because its for a Block Swap at the CMQG's 3rd Anniversary party!  Who ever brings a block (or two!) will get a  raffle ticket (or two!) and when they draw the winning ticket - that person gets ALL the blocks!   So if I win, I could be coming home with a whole stack of these blocks!  Not likely, but if I win, you'll sure know about it!  I wouldn't be shy about sharing my good fortune. :-) 

So who else knew about this whole "nesting seams" business?  Its absolutely brilliant, and I sewed these blocks with out ANY pins!  Most of the corners are spot on... I'm rather a stickler for that kind of thing.  Which is why I love quilting so much.  Its a science more than an art.  Give or take.  

I usually press my seams OPEN but for blocks like this - I may have to change my tune!  

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

The girls are so happy!

jac. said...

so....i'm too lazy to make some so you should just make 2 more and put my name on them and if my name gets pulled i'll sneak them to you:)......think anyone from the guild reads your comments?

Carla said...

My goodness, what beautiful babies!! (And the scrappy trip block is rather pretty too!)

Angela Nash said...

Ok, need to hear more about your sleep help. I looked at her site and thought how lucky you are to live. Ear her. Then saw that she is in AZ! Me and my non napping or self sleeping 3 month old May like her help :) then mama would be well rested AND get to sew again. Ha! I would love an email with what services you used.

LethargicLass said...

I recently started nesting seams as well and am equally impressed :)