Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{Easiest Onesie Dress Ever}

The elusive onesie dress.
There are so many different takes on it, I barely knew how to narrow down the options!
BUT I found the "10 Minute Onesie Dress" by Pretty Prudent and knew it was the one for me to try... mainly because it only takes about 10 minutes and 1/4 yard of fabric per dress! In my world, a ten minute sewing session is about all the time I can spare.  Well, x2.

Summer, for some reason, despises being in a photo shoot.  I snapped a few with her screaming her head off, while Mckenna is mostly happy.  Then Mckenna promptly spits up all over her dress.  Oh sweet girls!

Also, the tutorial doesn't mention this, but do go up one size in the onesie, as you'll lose about an inch and a half in length.  These pink elephant onesies are Carter's brand size 3mo, although the girls are still wearing newborn.

Summer in all her raging glory, poor thing!

 I loved making them so much I whipped one up for our friends little girl, Cora.  She's 5 weeks older than my twins.  Her mama sews too :-)  I think I love the white onesie with the DS Quilts Modern Tile!  I own more... fear not.

Adorable, no?  These are going to be my new go-to baby shower gift!  

Not to be forgotten, my favorite little guy!

So... I've finally made it back into my sewing room!  Yay!  For now, little projects make me happy... but I'm itching to start a quilt!  Soon I hope, once nap times become regular!
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Carly said...

The dresses turned out so cute and your girls are just darling. Summer reminds me of my daughter - she always did that same face when she was screaming and turned so red!

Kristin said...

The dresses are adorable as are your girls. :) Thanks for the link I will have to try to make some of these for my soon to be born girl. :)

Heather D. said...

Such pretty girls you have, even if one has a bit of an anger issue. :) Very cute little onsies, and good that big brother gets to make an appearance too!

Brynn said...

I just pinned this for my upcoming little girl. And big sister would love a matching skirt!

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Too cute . . . and I love the dresses, too. ;)

Carla said...

CUTE and I'm glad you didn't forget the little guy. ;o)