Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Goodie (wrap-up) + one last belly pic

I bet you didn't expect to see another blog post here unless it included a set of newborn baby girls.  Me too.  Rather, I'm 38.5 weeks and still going about life.  Which is good...  they should bake for as long as possible, right?  Thats what I keep telling myself!
At any rate - I was able to do one last photo shoot of finished baby goodies, and maybe even see Eli and Hazel too!

So a few months ago I decided I needed to sit and put my feet up more often, but I needed something to keep my hands busy!  What better project than two sweet little crocheted stroller blankets?  They're smallish, about 20" x 30" and perfect for car rides, stroller rides, and general snuggling.  Hopefully these girls are a tad more snuggly than Eli was!

I rather love the scalloped edges.  And as usual, I made the pattern up as I went... 7 rows of double crochet, then 1 row of double crochet then skip a stitch. I'm very technical, can you tell?  haha
 Two stroller quilts made from fat quarters... similar, but not identical.
Great for diaper changes as well as covering up baby legs while in their car seats.

 Hoarding is bad so I dug into my green Wild Thyme and mustard Lotus stash for the backing.  Simple cursive "L" quilting and machine binding finished these little quilts off right quick.

And the final sewing project I wanted to finish.... drum roll please!

 Cloud mobiles!  There are a gazillion different ones on Etsy (just search for "raindrop mobile" or "cloud mobile") so I figured I could use up the extra crib quilt scraps and make two of my own.  The raindrops are stuffed with cotton balls to make them puffy and 3D-like.  I think the babies will enjoy looking up at these fun mobiles. 

 Again I recruited my partner-in-crime, Jaclyn, and she drew out the cloud pattern since I am absolutely no good at that kind of thing. 

 Here we are, Easter Sunday, last family photo before Eli's sisters arrive!  
I look so ridiculous... these babies have to decide to be born soon! 

Last but not least, Eli and Hazel helping me take photos in the nursery.  
Hopefully you can tell my photos are improving - I finally have a Canon DSLR (the T3, to be exact) and I love it!

Thanks for stopping by!
My next post will definitely include newborn babies.  I promise.


Eileen Gianiodis said...

Good Luck! You don't look ridiculous. You look great!

Nina... said...

Ohhh, I've been waiting to see your new babies! Hang in there & good luck with the delivery.

Copper Patch said...

Wishing you well with the birth of your girls. What an adventure you're about to begin!
The nursery looks great and the rain cloud mobile is gorgeous.
Good luck!

Lisa said...

You look terrific! Love the cloud mobile. Good luck with the arrival of the girls, can't wait to see some pics. ox

Alisa said...

You don't look ridiculous! You look great - hope all goes well for you and your babes!

Marcia R said...

I just wondered yesterday if you had had your babies yet. So glad you're doing well and have made it this far! It is a good thing. Oh, and if you need someone to keep that little Hazel while you're getting adjusted to the twins, just let me know! :)

Shelley said...

You look beautiful! Love their pretty blankies and all the goodies youve made for them so far! Take it easy as long as you can!

Becca-Lou Creates said...

You look great, hope they arrive soon. Enjoy snuggling the girls in their new blankets and quilts