Monday, March 11, 2013

Christmas in March?

I'm either 4 months too late or 9 months too early, either way all five stockings are D-O-N-E!!!! So happy to mark this project off my list!

From left to right they belong to:  Dad, Mom (that's me!) Eli, Baby sister A, Baby sister B.  
Yes, I saved a spot at the end for Hazel's doggie stocking, don't worry!

None of them are exactly the same color pallet, not even the twins... which I love!  I used mostly scraps, but decided to cut into my Pearl Bracelets for me and the girls.

What pattern did I use, you ask?  Its a super easy QAYG tutorial by Imagine Gnats.  Seriously, each stocking whips up in less than two hours plus they are lined!  If you start now, I think you could have one for every member of your extended family done by Christmas 2013!  

Moving on to Quilt Con!

How was it?!?!?  Who got to go? 
One of my readers, Marcia, was kind enough to take this shot of my quilt, Seaside Improv,  on display at the juried show.  How fun!  I've already received it back in the mail and its now on display in our living room.  It was in the "Improvisation" category... no prizes, but I'm just as honored to even have it on display among all the hundreds of AMAZING modern quilts!

Thanks for stopping by!


Carla said...

Why not in March? They are lovely. I really liked that pattern when I did it. Aren't they big?

Shan said...

Way to go. I must get stocks made this year.

Angela Bullard said...

Maybe if I start mine soon I can have them done in time for this Christmas :P. Yours look great!

rachael {imagine gnats} said...

love the quilt!! and of course your stockings look fabulous :)

Becca-Lou Creates said...

Love the stockings. Best to have them done now, I've no idea where you'd find the time with 3 little ones

AnneMarie said...

Better to be early? Mr M did not have a stocking this year and he was a march bday. Whoops!