Friday, February 1, 2013

Sneak Peek {two quilt tops almost done!}

 quilt #1 layout

 quilt #2 layout

I'm relieved to finally have these two crib quilts well on their way to being finished!  Many thanks to my super thoughtful and quilty friend who came over to help me whip up these 8 wonky blocks after kids were in bed... then assisting me in choosing two big cuts of fabric to finish the tops.  We had a fun time at Sew to Speak oogling over all those lovely bolts!
The two winners we finally decided on are (top photo) Lizzy House Hello Pilgrim and (bottom photo) Riley Blake Seaside. 

I'm confident both quilts will be finished, washed, and crinkly soft well before these baby girls are born.  A few days ago, I was not so sure!  

Here they are side by side:
Today I said goodbye to one of my favorite quilts, Seaside Improv, as the mailman helped it start its journey to Austin, Tx to be displayed in the Modern Quilt Show at QuiltCon!  Woohoooo!

 I have an over abundance of this Honeycomb fabric so I was happy to use some of it to make a big drawstring bag!  After making and attaching 3 labels, making the bag,  adding a hanging sleeve to the quilt, filling out paperwork, and packing the box - my  part is done!  Phew! Its a lot of work to get a quilt ready for display... but so worth it!  

Are any of you heading to Austin for QuiltCon???  If you answer yes, I'm so jealous... in a good way!

Happy Weekend!


Heather D. said...

Can't wait to see these baby girl quilts!!

Carla said...

Will be back to see what you've done ; )

Marcia R said...

I'm going! Can't wait to see your beautiful quilt there...Congratulations!

Sue said...

the girl's quilts are looking lovely and I wish Seaside Improv a safe and happy journey LOL