Tuesday, February 26, 2013

32 weeks {the end is near}

 And the countdown continues for these baby girls, I cannot WAIT to meet them!
I'm feeling well, but slowing down in pretty much every thing I do.  The good news is their crib quilts are done (photos coming soon!) along with their stroller quilts.  I'm currently working on (but mostly failing at) making mobiles to put over the cribs.  I'm sure they will get sorted out eventually.  

The nursery will be put together this weekend, and Eli moved to his new bedroom!  That will help me relax a bit and feel like we're about ready to go from a family of 3 to a family of 5.  My little sister will be in town and help me organize closets and all the adorable teeny little clothes that go along with twin girls.  Did you know girls clothing is much more fun than baby boy clothes?  Shocker, I know!

Baby quilt photos coming soon!
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Shan said...

Exciting times:).

Shan said...
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Heather D. said...

Aww,look at you, so happy!

Carolyn said...

How do you look so fantastic at 32 weeks?! With twins no less!

Marls said...

You are looking fantastic. How exciting now waiting to meet them.

Carla said...

You look gorgeous! 32 weeks is fabulous for twins. Hang in there. You will soon hold your wee babes

Eileen Gianiodis said...

You look so great! Girl clothes are way more fun ... I'm sure they'll be lovely.