Tuesday, February 26, 2013

32 weeks {the end is near}

 And the countdown continues for these baby girls, I cannot WAIT to meet them!
I'm feeling well, but slowing down in pretty much every thing I do.  The good news is their crib quilts are done (photos coming soon!) along with their stroller quilts.  I'm currently working on (but mostly failing at) making mobiles to put over the cribs.  I'm sure they will get sorted out eventually.  

The nursery will be put together this weekend, and Eli moved to his new bedroom!  That will help me relax a bit and feel like we're about ready to go from a family of 3 to a family of 5.  My little sister will be in town and help me organize closets and all the adorable teeny little clothes that go along with twin girls.  Did you know girls clothing is much more fun than baby boy clothes?  Shocker, I know!

Baby quilt photos coming soon!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I am so not crafty!

People think that I sew and quilt, therefore I'm crafty.  Sadly, how wrong they are!  Give me a glue gun and a teeny felt rosette and I'm all thumbs!  Paper crafting scares the crap out of me too, which is why I do not own (and have never made) a scrap book.  

Last night I decided to try my hand at "crafting" these adorable little headbands that I had seen on Etsy, and, thank the Lord, supplies for such headbands were discovered here and here so I can make 20 pieces for the price of two or three.... yay!  I won't answer to "Hey you, Crafty girl," but "thrifty" is my middle name.

These are made with 13" of elastic which is supposed to be newborn size.
I think they're just stinking adorable, and I plan to have the girls wear them for their newborn photo shoot, hopefully next month!

Still in the realm of crafty, but NOT involving a glue gun - embroidery hoops for Nursery decor!

These are just a few of my favorite hoops - all fabrics that can be found in the girls crib quilts... then I ran out of hoops!  Time to run to Hobby Lobby and snatch some more!
At $.69 to about $5.00 for large hoops - this is a very economical way to decorate any room, in my opinion!  Just rummage through your fabric stash, cut out a square about an inch past the edge of the hoop, position and tighten outer hoop, and trim with scissors! I had 8 done in less than an hour.

And of course, Happy Valentine's Day a few hours early!
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sew Sew Modern Swap {My Partner is Awesome!}

I joined my very first Flickr swap, called Sew Sew Modern, and boy was it a bunch of talented gals!  It was a blind swap so I didn't know who had my name... but Lee (of maychappell) totally had my number and really hit my style spot-on!  We each were to learn what our recipient liked and make one small item and one large item.

Lee created the gorgeous + table runner with all sorts of beautiful prints plus my all-time-fav news print as the "background" fabric.   I'm totally in love and its already residing on our kitchen table... I smile every time I walk by!  

And the quilting....
 Lee really out did herself!  
Then she "claims" the awesome tote bag is my "small" item!  Seriously?!   Who does that?
I'm the luckiest girl in the whole swap, in my opinion!  

The main body of the bag is gorgeous Melody Miller fabric from her Ruby Star Rising collection (Kokka!) so its a thicker linen/cotton fabric - perfect for a tote bag!  And I adore the quilted pocket featuring a purple owl!  Plus (I know PLUS) there's another pocket on the inside.  
I kid you not:  I am sitting at Firefly Play Cafe watching Eli burn off some energy and the bag is hanging off my chair.  Received it yesterday, and I'm carrying it today!  Fits my laptop, accessories, snacks, and wallet perfectly.  I may carry this bag until its time to swap for a real diaper bag in the next... um.. 6-10 weeks.
Finally, there was a bundle of fun fabrics in the box AND two bibs!!!

 Are these not the cutest appliqued bibs?!  And they're super soft! The girls will look adorable in these no doubt!  And that blanket stitch Lee used is just perfect - I wish my machine had it!  I'll make a note of that for when I'm shopping for my next one.

 Ok, so if you can't tell, I'm extremely happy with my goodies - and a final THANK YOU to Lee for creating such perfect items for me and my family.  
I'm done gushing now.

Have you ever participated in an online swap?  How was your experience?
{And if anyone is interested, I believe round 2 of the Sew Sew Modern swap will be starting soon.  I can tell you who to contact on Flickr should you want to join.  As for me, I'm out... for obvious reasons.}


Friday, February 1, 2013

Sneak Peek {two quilt tops almost done!}

 quilt #1 layout

 quilt #2 layout

I'm relieved to finally have these two crib quilts well on their way to being finished!  Many thanks to my super thoughtful and quilty friend who came over to help me whip up these 8 wonky blocks after kids were in bed... then assisting me in choosing two big cuts of fabric to finish the tops.  We had a fun time at Sew to Speak oogling over all those lovely bolts!
The two winners we finally decided on are (top photo) Lizzy House Hello Pilgrim and (bottom photo) Riley Blake Seaside. 

I'm confident both quilts will be finished, washed, and crinkly soft well before these baby girls are born.  A few days ago, I was not so sure!  

Here they are side by side:
Today I said goodbye to one of my favorite quilts, Seaside Improv, as the mailman helped it start its journey to Austin, Tx to be displayed in the Modern Quilt Show at QuiltCon!  Woohoooo!

 I have an over abundance of this Honeycomb fabric so I was happy to use some of it to make a big drawstring bag!  After making and attaching 3 labels, making the bag,  adding a hanging sleeve to the quilt, filling out paperwork, and packing the box - my  part is done!  Phew! Its a lot of work to get a quilt ready for display... but so worth it!  

Are any of you heading to Austin for QuiltCon???  If you answer yes, I'm so jealous... in a good way!

Happy Weekend!