Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the real {WIP Wednesday}

Hexies at play!

So I've never actually used hexagons in a project (crazy, I know!) So how do you attach them to a quilted item?  Hand sew where the sides meet, then top-stitch down?  Hand applique each one? I've seen so many methods I don't even know where to start.
I fear my usual "wing-it" method just won't cut it this time.  Haha!

I do love the zig zag (or chevron) design this layout gives - which will be more pronounced once its on its proper background fabric - linen! 


Gina said...

You can hand sew those rows of hexies down using a tiny blind stitch ,then hand stitch a running stitch on the top for a quilted look using perle thread . I have also sewn hexies down with a decorative buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine. But I think the hand sewing looks nicer .

Laurie said...

Spray starch the heck out of them and use your iron too while the papers are still in. When they are crisp enough to your liking - take the papers out gently - use a seam ripper and don't iron them again after the paper is taken out. Then you can applique them onto anything- I have gone with machine stitching.

Becca-Lou Creates said...

Love these, I've often wondered the same about the stitching so would be interested in seeing how you tackle these.

I have always fallen at a hurdle before this one though....did you cut these out by hand? if not what machine did you use? I could never face the cutting of these.

You are a brave lady but I'm sure the result will be fabulous, looking forward to seeing it

Alisia said...

Love the seperated layout!

Cristin said...

These hexagons are "english paper pieced" and you can find a pretty good explanation of that technique here:

I've already pressed these and taken the papers out so they're ready for sewing!

Natalie said...

Love the hexies! I sew them all together, and then applique onto the quilt. Congrats on the twins!

Becca-Lou Creates said...

Cristin, thanks for the link, will look this technique up.