Thursday, January 24, 2013

{28 Weeks} + two quilts finally in the works!

 Don't laugh, but I think the stripes make me look smaller than I am!

Friends have been asking me what it's like to carry twins... so here's my synopsis: 

Everything happens faster than with a singleton - feeling them move, showing more, becoming uncomfortable, ligaments and tendons stretching out, and the infamous trouble sleeping.  
Its a regular pregnancy x5 or it feels that way at least.  And these girls move A LOT.  Last night at midnight I'm trying to fall asleep and I'm getting kicked in the hip bone - repeatedly.  Then I feel a constant rhythmic tapping, baby A has the hiccups!
They're currently both lying transverse (sideways) so I suppose they're not very comfortable either.

I'm not a known whiner so the above are strictly facts, ok? :-)  I've got nothing to complain about!  

Now... on to some fabric goodness:

I'm thinking wonky log cabin blocks for both of the girls quilts... with these fabrics!  They're all pressed, mostly cut into strips and my gracious friend Jac is coming over tomorrow to help me turn them into blocks while our kiddos nap!  Yippee!

Thanks for stopping by!


Jennifer said...

You poor thing - two babies transverse. My singleton was transverse up to 28 weeks and that was painful. The hiccup tapping I find so frustrating. My daughter had them constantly when she was inutero

Tessa said...

Love the quilt colours!

Lara said...

Gorgeous bump! It's so fun watching your journey!not long to go now! You're nearing the home stretch ;)

Lisa said...

You look wonderful!

Carla said...

It will be so fun to have twins! Enjoy the whole experience ; )

Angela Nash said...

I'm on the hunt for a great girl-quilt plan. Can't wait to see what you come up with for you two. Love the strips!