Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{25 Weeks with Twins}

Sometimes I crack myself up.  I almost titled this post "WIP Wednesday" as I figured these babies are a work in progress but then I thought nooooo, thats silly!  They're babies, not a half finished pillow cover or freshly basted quilt top... or maybe I'm wrong.

Either way, I'm actually closer to 26 weeks although I was supposed to take a photo at 24 weeks - alas, we were out of town after Christmas so I dropped the ball there.  Oh well!
Babies are doing well, they're kicking and squirming frequently now and I can usually tell which baby is causing the commotion, A or B.  Odd, I know!  
Plans are in the works for two stroller quilts, do you like?  I wanted coordinating fabrics but not matchy-matchy.  Can't go wrong with Wildwood, Heather Bailey, Wild Thyme, and Amy Butler's lotus, right?!  Can't wait to work on these mini whole-cloth quilts, just the right size to tuck baby into their infant carrier.
But first things first - under an actual WIP Wednesday post coming soon!


Heather D. said...

You look fantastic! And the fabrics aren't bad either. ;)

Carla said...

So fun to have twins! I wanted twins, but had to have mine one at a time. You look lovely and content ; )

Audrie said...

You're looking really good! Twins run in my family (my younger sisters are twins!) and I've always had a feeling that I would have a set.

Love the fabric choices, especially the Heather Bailey and Amy Butler ones.