Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{2012} in review

Dang, I actually finished more quilts this year than I thought!
Between the 5 quilts there were a spattering of pillows, an infinity scarf, a few Wiksten Tank tops, three stockings (2 more to go!) a few table runners, and a custom baby stroller quilt... not to mention twin baby girls on the way!  Maybe that should go in the center of the mosaic as quilts should NOT come before babies... 

I feel like it was a good year - but I'm ready to start fresh with 2013!

I've already got a few projects on the burner... plus two baby girl quilts that I aim to finish by the end of Feb, because who knows when they'll actually arrive?  Not I!    
My friend, AnneMarie, gave me the genius idea of backing said baby quilts with flannel instead of regular quilting fabric.  And guess what I found at one of my fav online fabric shopsRiley Blake flannel in chevrons!  I'm rather excited for that if you cannot tell!

What crafty goals have you set for yourself in 2013?  Or maybe its just to relax more and stress less?  Nothing wrong with that!



Carla said...

Twin babies! How fun.

scrosske said...

I hope to be able to create some things for me! I am always giving my quilts away. We also have a baby on the way, so a baby boy quilt is in order!