Monday, December 30, 2013

{sneak peek} AMH knick-knack knickers

I don't do clothing.  Sewing clothing, that is.  I typically RUN the other way, which is why I consider myself a quilter.  BUT I saw these adorable knickers (shorts, if you will) on adorable little Hazel and figured hey, those look EeeZeee.  
And they were easy.  So easy I finished two pairs in one sitting.  Uh-mazing!

And the double gauze... heavenly. 

If the baby girls allow it, a photo shoot will be happening in the morning! 
Thank you, Anna Maria Horner, for this free and remarkably simple pattern... so simple a quilter can follow it. *wink*

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

{Christmas 2013}

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Happy Birthday Jesus!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{a peek behind the scenes}

Sometimes I wonder where all my time goes and what I've ACTUALLY accomplished in a week or a month. 

By looking back at photos its clear.... a few things do happen:

We spent five days in Florida over Thanksgiving! Me, my two sisters, their husbands, three babies, and Grammy.  Yes, we did fly.  Yes, we did survive.

While in Tampa we visited the zoo!  They had a bunch of manatees... Eli loved it.

Sometime in November I participated in a craft show.  I can now make a lanyard in 10 minutes flat. 

Last weekend we went out and chopped down a Christmas Tree.  (After all, its the Wilson way.)  Four other adult family members were there to help us look after the munchkins.  Fear not.  I think this photo was about the only time I held a baby.  I won't call anyone a baby-hog... *cough* Grandpa!

Not only did the tree eventually get decorated, the mantel was swagged out and stockings hung with care.  I hope to make a small stocking for wittle Hazel still.  
Should I add names to the stockings?  Maybe in dark grey felt?  Or puffy paint?  hehe

I just today mailed out this custom baby quilt.  My LAST ONE for a very long time.  I realized my stress level just goes through the roof when I have a quilting deadline.  I'm making 2014 my year of selfish sewing.  No custom order quilts.  Period.  Its all for me, baby!  Er, well, probably a few gifts will be thrown in for good measure.  Woohoo!

Ok, enough about me. 
 How have ya'll been?  We're in the thick of the Holiday Season - are you making handmade gifts this year?  Even just one or two? I might just get one little handmade gift done this year.  For everyone else, its gift cards all around!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Made Monday {a little quilt}

It doesn't take much to get me excited.
I finished a quilt!  My third this year.  Depressing, maybe, but I think 2014 is looking up in terms of my quilting endeavors!  Babies are not so high maintenance anymore and I'm going to be part of two (TWO!) different block clubs... more on that later though! I'm so excited!  Choosing fabrics etc etc yadda yadda yadda...

Thanks to my mini helper - and NO thanks to the dark dreary day - I was able to snap a few pictures both with my phone and SLR.  Odd - the iphone pics turned out better. 

This quilt is about 30"x36" and all gender neutral fabrics from my stash!  Hmm I didn't spend a dime (specifically) for this quilt so I'm pretty happy! Binding is Architextures by Carolyn Freelander, which I now LOVE as binding.

And a little loopy quilting, which I really enjoyed doing.  I miss the actual quilting process.  I always feel so accomplished when I finish quilting something.  Ya know?

I'd loopy quilt all day if I could, its fun!

I also love adding a bit of "educational" fabric to a baby quilt - like this Ikea print that started out as a duvet cover.  LOVE this fabric although I only have long strips of it left - perfect to complete a quilt back.  

Such a good little quilt holder!  Train 'em early, I say.

I'll be posting more about the Block of the Month (BOM) club I'll be a part of in 2014, and possibly have colors chosen!  Possible, but not likely.  I change my mind so often... its not even funny.  

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{7 months}

Warning: Extreme Adorableness may not be suitable for people suffering from heart problems, seizures, or baby fever.

The Peanuts are wearing their Halloween costumes for their 7 month pics since it was pretty much storming during trick-or-treat and we didn't get any proper photos.  Big Brother didn't even venture outside to collect absurd amounts of candy, of his own choosing. Fine. With. Me!

 And... my favorite sequence:

Summer going in for the snuggle....

Snuggle achieved!

My (very part-time) work schedule has been pretty light and naptimes have been somewhat standardized - therefore I've been spending some time in my sewing room!  

Super small and quick projects: 
baby knit hats made from an old cardigan (tutorial coming soon!) 
yummy fabric shoelaces

Bigger but not insurmountable projects:
two custom baby quilts via Etsy
a baby chevron dress to go with one of the baby quilts

I have zero plans for Holiday sewing!  Gift Cards will probably be my MO this year.  Lame, but I'd rather spend loads of time soaking up my three little boogers while they're still cute and adorable etc.  Our five stockings are DONE and that's all I really care about.

Monday, November 11, 2013


It finally happened.  My 3 year old got the best of my favorite, most used ruler. I want to cry!
I blame myself for not snatching it out of his grubby little paws when I had the chance. Grrrr.  C'est la vie... And RIP. 

Hmm maybe it can still be used for cutting... Although actual measuring is out of the question. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

6 months old & taking a Scrappy Trip

I can scarcely believe these little cuties have been in my charge for 6 months already!  Summer & Mckenna are such good babies - we really are blessed beyond compare!  They are quick to smile, reluctant to fuss, and excellent sleepers! Well... I did get a little professional help on the sleeping front, you would too if you had 2 babies each waking up 3 times per night.  Talk about exhausting.  

This weekend the girls will be starting solid foods, they both are getting good at sitting up (see above photo!) and they're on the verge of crawling too!  Holy cow - I feel like they'll be starting High School if I look away too long.  Man time flies.

Can you also believe this is my first ever Scrappy Trip Around the World block? It was all the rage... was it last fall & winter?  All I knew was that I loved the block, but there was no way I was starting ANOTHER project while pregnant with twins.  So I drooled over everyone's blocks... and eventually quilts... but I never joined in.  Can I just say it is SO easy to make, and this tutorial makes it clear as day how to whip one up.  

I have two blocks done but I probably won't get to keep them because its for a Block Swap at the CMQG's 3rd Anniversary party!  Who ever brings a block (or two!) will get a  raffle ticket (or two!) and when they draw the winning ticket - that person gets ALL the blocks!   So if I win, I could be coming home with a whole stack of these blocks!  Not likely, but if I win, you'll sure know about it!  I wouldn't be shy about sharing my good fortune. :-) 

So who else knew about this whole "nesting seams" business?  Its absolutely brilliant, and I sewed these blocks with out ANY pins!  Most of the corners are spot on... I'm rather a stickler for that kind of thing.  Which is why I love quilting so much.  Its a science more than an art.  Give or take.  

I usually press my seams OPEN but for blocks like this - I may have to change my tune!  

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{5 months old}

The Riley Blake flannel chevron not only backs a crib quilt wonderfully but makes a great background too!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Trifecta {fabric + wip + babies}

 Ahhh the usual....
I've been rather out of the loop when it comes to new designers and collections of fabric hitting the market.  It takes a lot of time to be a fabric-aholic, because I used to be one! Non-stop shopping, blog reading, and fabric shop browsing is no longer my M.O. - but - I know (and love!) a Lotta Jansdotter collection when I see it!  Fat Quarter Shop was having a nice little 50% off sale on their entire Bella collection so I jumped! They did a special Facebook coupon code so it definitely pays to follow your favorite shops on FB!

I did not buy EVERY colorway or print but just my favorites... to add to my stash.  Great stash builders, right? The grid print is to die for!  I would have bought all the colorways of the grid but they were already sold out, bummer.

As you probably know, I have a little shop on Etsy where I sell 1st Birthday onesies.  Well I've been collecting the leftover scraps from the infaced "ones" and I've been meaning to make a type of ticker tape quilt with said scraps.  The process of trimming each piece into a rounded shape has finally begun!  I'm not sure what the overall layout will be yet - but stay tuned... and if you have any ideas... do share! All of these pieces are three inches or small, many are one inch!

And then there's the majority of my life:

Are they not stinking adorable?  Here they are about 4.5 months...Summer is on the left, Mckenna on the right.  Let me tell you, it is stinking impossible to get 2 babies to smile at the same time... or even separately as thats how I tried this time.  Mckenna just wasn't seeing any humor in the situation!  

Which... led me to splurge on this fun little camera accessory- which does work!  Its called a Shutter Hugger and I tried it out just this morning and it helped me get at least a few good smiles from both babies [at the same time.] 
And that's the key with twins in general - making things happen [at the same time!]

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Slow Cooker Lasagna - Yum!

Its practically Autumn now, have you noticed? Last week we were in the 90's and now its scarcely 65!  I love it!  Fall is my favorite season because I love wearing cozy hoodies and sweaters... drinking steaming hot drinks flavored with Pumpkin 
Side Note: holy crap - did you know a Grande (err "medium") Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks is $4.55?! I go there once in a blue moon and immediately remembered why after ordering my PSL!  Yes, it was delicious, though.  

And... fall means making yummy comfort foods that you just don't feel like making or eating in the summer!
Which leads me to this deeelicious Slow Cooker Lasagna recipe. It makes a huge amount and works perfectly in an oval shaped slow cooker.  We had plenty of leftovers PLUS freezing a large dinner portion.  If you have teenage boys, this could actually fill them up with servings to spare!

Prep Time 30 minutes
Cooke Time about 4 hours on low

What you'll need:
  • 1 lb lean ground beef or turkey
  • 2 jars spaghetti sauce - whatever your fav is... store bought or homemade
  • 2 cups water
  • 1lb whole-milk ricotta cheese
  • 2 T chopped fresh flat-leave parsley and/or fresh Basil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 18 ruffle-edged lasagna noodles (not no-boil)
  • 1.5 lbs mozzarella or Italian shredded cheese
  • 2 cups grated parmigiano-reggiano or parmesan cheese
  • Italian Seasoning (dried)
1. Brown ground beef on medium heat (about 10-12 minutes) until just cooked. Add your fav spaghetti sauce and add water and bring to a simmer.  Set aside on low heat stirring occasionally.

2. In a small bowl combine ricotta, parsley (and or basil) salt & pepper to taste and set aside.

3. Spray inside of your crockpot with cooking spray.  Spread a layer of sauce at the bottom of the crockpot.  **Cover the sauce with a single layer of uncooked lasagna noodles (3) breaking them to fit along curves.  Spread about 1/3 cup of ricotta mixture over noodles (I found holding the noodles like a piece of bread being spread with butter was easier than putting noodles in pot first, then spreading ricotta.) Now top that with 2 cups of meat sauce simmering on stove, then sprinkle with 1 cup mozzarella cheese and 1/4 cup of the parmigiano-reggiano (or parmesan) cheese. Sprinkle lightly with Italian seasoning.  Now repeat this process 4 more times starting at the **

4. Cover and cook in your slow cooker on low for about 4 hours.  The noodles should be soft and cooked through.  Add a sprinkling of parmiagiano-reggiano or parmesan cheese once plated.

Let me know how it turns out when you whip this meal up for your household!

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don't be shocked...

A Carter's onesie paired with DS Quilts fabric - love!

But I've been sewing more onesie dresses!  No, not for my girls, for a handmade show a friend and I will be participating in come early November!  Yes yes, I know. I have way too much going on to fiddle with a craft show - but this will be low-key and the items we're making are simple, and hopefully fly off the shelves. Plus it gives me something in terms of a goal besides managing babies and a preschooler 24/7.  I thoroughly love being a mom but I rather miss the creative process, ya know? Yes, you know. ;-)

More to come later!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Finish Friday + {adorable-ness}

Hi there!
Thanks for hanging around while I have almost nothing in the way of new blog posts... going from one kid to three has been keeping me pretty busy, if you can imagine!  Very little sewing has been happening, but I'm resigned to the fact it just takes time to get solid nap times established and get them both sleeping through the night.  Four months seems to be a very precarious time when they're developing and learning lots of new things like sitting up, holding toys, and rolling this way and that.  I haven't had a solid night of sleep in many weeks - but this too, shall pass... or so I'm told.

So here are the two things I've actually finished in the last... errr... few months. 

A new stroller quilt/changing mat for my newborn niece, Lainey!  Lainey's mama loves bicycles so how could I not use this fun fabric?  Chevron binding and an apple back finishes it nicely, I think.
  I'm a fan of the wavy quilting too - quick, and keeps it soft!

So how about some more onesie dresses!
I love them with basic solid colored onesies, then a fun fabric for the skirt!
The brown flowers on creme are called Wild Thyme by Carolyn Gavin (oop?) which I've been hording for ages and figured hey, time to cut into it! The grey chevrons are Riley Blake, I believe!  

And since its a mortal sin to NOT include a baby pic - here's Mckenna, snoozing away... not a care in the world:

Fine.  One more :-)

Quilting can wait (for now) - these sweet faces come first.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

No sewing - just Babies

The minute I say "I've started a new quilt, I can squeeze in some sewing!" life takes over and I have no time to sew!  Oh well - these little faces are more fun to look at than a quilt anyhow. 
Right?  YES - yes they are.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ode to the Smart Phone

{Mckenna      &     Summer}

Its 2013. 
I am quite sure my husband and I were one of the last hold-outs to switch over to Smart Phones and even upgrade to a data plan.  This just happened a few weeks ago.  

I opted for the iPhone5 and have not been disappointed yet! 
Which brings me to the above snapshot of my little peanuts, almost 3 months old!  After bath time yesterday I thought they looked uber-cute in their Apple jammies so I propped them in the corner of the couch and grabbed my phone.  

I must admit the iPhone5 takes pretty nice photos!  When I don't have time to snatch my SLR for a quick shot, I think phone pics will do nicely!  

There are these things called eBooks and eAudiobooks!  I read an entire book *on my phone* in 12 days.  Yes, mostly while nursing babies... but I did it!  And no short novella, either!  Diana Gabaldon is my favorite author at the moment.  I hadn't yet listened to The Scottish Prisoner, so I downloaded the eBook via my local Library App post-haste for a 14 day rental!  The paper book is over almost 600 pages so I consider it quite the accomplishment. I haven't finished a book of that length in over 3 years - thanks to my life as a mommy.
So, Thank You Apple, for allowing me to take decent pics, download books, listen to books even, and keep up on my FB and Etsy, too... all in the palm of my hand.  Did I mention there's a Target App too?  


Thank you for listening to my ramblings.
A new quilt has been started so I hope share that progress soon.  After all, this is a sewing blog, right?


Friday, June 14, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

{I'm an Addict}

More adorable little onesie dresses!  I have one new little niece and one pending little niece due to arrive mid-July! I hope the babies love their new duds!
 I love being an Aunt... finally!

 Summer is my little sewing assistant today.  
A yard or two of minky makes for an excellent baby landing pad.

Now that the onesie dresses are done (yeah, it only took me about a week to make them, 2 minutes here and 5 minutes there...) I think I need to start a new quilt!  Your eyes do not deceive you - I've had that pattern & fabric sitting on my cutting table for almost a year.  Holy cow.  So YAAAY!!!!!  Its about time!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{Easiest Onesie Dress Ever}

The elusive onesie dress.
There are so many different takes on it, I barely knew how to narrow down the options!
BUT I found the "10 Minute Onesie Dress" by Pretty Prudent and knew it was the one for me to try... mainly because it only takes about 10 minutes and 1/4 yard of fabric per dress! In my world, a ten minute sewing session is about all the time I can spare.  Well, x2.

Summer, for some reason, despises being in a photo shoot.  I snapped a few with her screaming her head off, while Mckenna is mostly happy.  Then Mckenna promptly spits up all over her dress.  Oh sweet girls!

Also, the tutorial doesn't mention this, but do go up one size in the onesie, as you'll lose about an inch and a half in length.  These pink elephant onesies are Carter's brand size 3mo, although the girls are still wearing newborn.

Summer in all her raging glory, poor thing!

 I loved making them so much I whipped one up for our friends little girl, Cora.  She's 5 weeks older than my twins.  Her mama sews too :-)  I think I love the white onesie with the DS Quilts Modern Tile!  I own more... fear not.

Adorable, no?  These are going to be my new go-to baby shower gift!  

Not to be forgotten, my favorite little guy!

So... I've finally made it back into my sewing room!  Yay!  For now, little projects make me happy... but I'm itching to start a quilt!  Soon I hope, once nap times become regular!
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