Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wiksten Style {voil or vwaahl}

I apologize for the poorly rendered photograph.  Its a dreary, cold, rainy day in Ohio and not fit for photos, but I just couldn't wait!
My second go at a Wiksten Tank top... and I'm loving this one even better than the first!

Why, you ask?
1.  Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks fabric in VOILE (100% cotton!) is lighter than quilting weight cotton, drapes nicely, and perfect for summer!

2. I took it down a size and it fits much better!  There are no darts or shaping in this pattern so if you make it the wrong size, you'll feel like you're swimming in it.

3. This AMH voile is pretty wide at 54" so I was able to use less fabric than the pattern called for (1.25yds) thus saving a few bucks, yay!  It says to purchase 1.5yds if your fabric is 50"-60" wide, but I think they over-estimate.

The pattern is available in hard copy OR as a PDF download.  Yeah, the $8.50 download is what I went for, but taping it all together before cutting it out was quite the chore.  
Oh well, SO worth it as I need to make about 10 more of these and I'll be set for summer!

Now for the debate of the century:
How do you pronounce this thin, soft, drapey sort of fabric called "voile?" 
(Which I am now in love with!)
I did a bit of research and found that the most accepted way of pronunciation is voil which rhymes with foil.  Now, if you live in France, certain areas of Canada, and possibly some areas in the SE United States, you'll hear it pronounced vwaahl.  And thats how I think it should be pronounced as it is a french word!  Want to hear it pronounced?  Merriam-Webster will say it for you, as voil.

So apparently in the US its "voil" which will always sound goofy to my (long ago) French-trained ears.   If I ever have to speak the word in a fabric shop, I'll try to say voil, but I'll always say it in my head as "vwaahl" which sounds so much nicer in the first place.  English has a way of butchering non-English words... but thats a topic for a whole other day, and a whole other blog!

Do you like sewing with voile?  Its a bit tricky to maneuver as its so sheer and slippery... what else have you used it for besides clothes?  And I must know -  how do you pronounce it?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{Wrist Pincushion LOVE}

 Ever mean to make something for yourself and NEVER get around to it?
A wrist pincushion had been on my list for... well... ok, there's no actual paper list... but I've been thinking how handy it would be to have one for years - at least 5, as that's how long I've been sewing and quilting.  A few months ago my local {columbus} Modern Quilt Guild announced a swap, a pin cushion - for your wrist! "BRILLIANT," I thought to myself!

I added my baggie of fabric to the bucket and Kathy drew my scraps - and last week, voila!
She handed me my very own super adorable wrist pin holder!  I squealed when I opened it. No joke.   

Thank you, Kathy!  *hug*

Kathy left the button off so I could size it to my own wrist... and now it fits perfectly!

And she didn't stop with just my wrist, she made a big one too!
 Its huge, heavy, and holds LOADS of pins!  And I love it! Now there's one on my sewing table next to my machine, and one on my cutting table! Such a novel idea.

I'm very particular about my pins, and I use loads of them... so having these two darlings added to my studio makes me so very happy.

(can I say studio?  it was originally a dining room... my husband laughs at me every time I refer to it as my "studio".... grrrr... and "sewing room" sounds so menial.)

If you or someone you know (like your MOM or grandma, or SIL!) would like their very own wrist pincushion, check out this link with LOADS of variations... you'll find the "crazy quilted" style which is what mine was made from.  There are 17 styles so find one, and off you go!
They're easy, and fast to make! As in 45 minutes and you'll be wearing one!

Friday, April 20, 2012

{Fabric Friday}

For a custom King Sized quilt... pulled from my fabric stash.
Although, I'll be shopping for more greys, yellows, oranges, purples - stripes and geometric prints.  I'm quite loving the combination so far!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sanctuary Quilt Top and a book review

Call me a hoarder.
A fabric hoarder.
My sweet sister-in-law gave me the entire blue/green colorway of Patty Young's Sanctuary in a FQ stack... and I just recently decided to suck it up and cut into it.  I've only been quilting for about 5 years so holding onto fabric for half of that time seems like hoarding to me!

BUT in just a few short sewing sessions I was able to whip up this quilt top, featuring 18" squares of Sanctuary plus a few other random prints I decided to throw in, and Kona Coal for the diamond corners.   

Do any of you happen to know the official name for this quilt design?  I really did just whip this up off the top of my head, but I'm sure its not original as its just too simple to not have been thought of yet.

It won't be quilted for a while yet so I'm content to have it hanging in my studio!   Makes a love wall covering!

And whilst doing mindless sewing (nothing that requires loads of contemplation) and my part-time work-from-home job, I've been listening to an Audio book!  Shocker! I don't own a Kindle, Nook, iPhone or iPad.  And who has time for actual reading, anyhow?  
I'd rather be sewing!
If you love historical fiction, and a fabulous Scottish accent, I highly recommend this (audio) book!
Another quilty blogger  was raving about it and I thought I'd give it a try, imported all the way from the Mansfield Library.  28 cd's... and there are 3 or 4 sequels after this book, which my local library actually carries!  Makes me wish I resided in the Scottish highlands to boot.... instead of Ohio.

Do you listen to anything while sewing?  
I'm hooked - so I should start making a list of other audio books to try!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mug Rugs and

A sad little stack of left over tumbler blocks have been sitting on my cutting table for way too long.  So the other night I arranged them, sewed in strips, then into one big quilt sandwich, then whacked them into four separate mug rugs!  Apparently I'm in a bit of a clean-up & clear-out kind of mood... Leftover linen/cotton performed well as binding and they're now in my Etsy shop - ready to be put to good use in someone else's office, kitchen, or sewing studio!  Sorry, awesome mug not included!

And...... !

I wasn't even aware of the feature until a random gal emailed me through my blog saying she recognized the banners!  I about fell over when I saw it!  This little ol' quilt, meant for my 2 year old son to cuddle in... made it to the big time with Elizabeth Hartman and Alissa Haight Carlton! 
Thank you, Apartment Therapy, for including big and small names alike,  in your list.
*slight bow, and tips hat*

Friday, April 6, 2012

New line by Lotta Jansdotter coming soon!

I just learned that Lotta Jansdotter is coming out with a NEW line called Bella!
If you love Echo, I think the new collection will be just as well received... can't wait to get my hands on some!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

{some Sanctuary in my sanctuary}

Taking up most of my sewing room floor at the moment:
 I received a FQ bundle of Sanctuary by Patty Young aver 2 years ago for Christmas and have just now decided what to do with it!

A quilt.

For me.

And to share with whomever I want.  Which will be precious few.   
Unless we go on a picnic with friends, then I'll be forced to share.

Yes, I did throw in four non-Sanctuary prints, for the heck-o-it.
A little Echo, some Half Moon Modern, some Joel Dewberry wood grain... and a grey dot napkin from West Elm.  


This is NOT the final layout, and more cutting/sewing is to be done tonight!  
My plan is to zhuzh it up a little.
 Not that plain ol' 18" squares aren't gorgeous on their own...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{a fabric distraction}

When I heard Flea Market Fancy was being re-released I thought, "Yes! Now I can own some yardage of my favorite prints!"  So I saved my gift certificates to Hawthorne Threads from Christmas, and also saved my pennies... and last month came two packages.  One from Hawthorne Threads, and one from RicRak on Etsy. 
I'm not a huge fan of the entire Legacy collection, but I do adore these specific prints!  They'll fit well with the rest of my fabric stash, to be sure!

Another Wiksten Tank is in the works... and this top print called Little Folks by Anna Maria Horner should be perfect for such an item of clothing!  It will be my first go-around with voile (which is 100% cotton) and its rather thin and drapey... which should make the perfect tank top, right?  I know it will be slightly more trying to work with than quilting weight cotton - but I'm willing to wrangle it for the perfect summer top.  The bottom piece was on clearance and I couldn't resist... it's from the Metro Living collection... which is now down to one color-way, red!  I have very little of this shade of blue in my stash, so again.... I couldn't say no.

How is your week shaping up sewing wise?  
I've only been filling Etsy orders this week so far - no actual sewing or quilting to speak of but that's ok.  I don't mind - it gives me the cash to buy more fabric!  haHA!