Monday, February 27, 2012

{stuck} Octagonal Orb Pillow

My Octagonal Orb pillow is coming along nicely... but as of this afternoon has come to an impasse.

Its going to be quilted, because it will dwell in our living room, which means lots of abuse from an (almost) 2 year old little guy.  It will be stood on, body-slammed, sprinkled with snacks, licked by the dog, karate-chopped, hugged, sat on, and probably drooled on by nappers.

The only quilting design I've come up with so far is some free-motion quilting echoing the 8 sides... maybe 4 rounds per ring, plus the inside and outside solid portions.
If this were yours to quilt, what design would you do?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

a fabric detour...

 Like so many other fabric enthusiasts, I couldn't resist getting my hands on a few yards of Patty Young's newest release -Lush.  This particular print is called "running stitch" and its divine! (I've already cut into the aqua - it was just screaming to be added into the pile of living room pillow fabric!)  I think this fabric is a great "basic" for any stash, and the stitching print is just too much!  
I love it!

I was meeting friends for brunch at Easton last Saturday and afterwards we decided to wander around West Elm which I've never stepped foot in before, although I've always admired their online store. The table linens sucked me in, and I was pleasantly surprised when these lovely napkins were on clearance for $1.75 each!  They're 100% cotton and a bit larger than a FQ... score!  
Fine... I also took home two pretty green cereal bowls that were just as good of a deal.  I'm a bowl addict, I admit!  They just make me happy.

What's your favorite non-traditional store to hunt for yummy fabrics?  I love Target, Home Goods... and now, West Elm!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{On My Cutting Table}

 A new house... it forces many a sewist to agonize over new {handmade} decor for their new abode.  I am no exception.  On my to-do list for months now: throw pillows for the living room!  We've been in the new house now for over 2 months and my stack of aqua blue/green and mustard fabrics have sat there - all pathetic and neglected.  Last night I started cutting, and tonight I hope to finish the process.... and it is a process.  
But its worth it, to end up with two pillows designed by Elizabeth Hartman - adapted from a pillow design by Heather Bostic,two of my favorite quilty gals! Here's the link, as you should download the free pattern and make a few for your own home asap, and maybe one for your neighbor too.  I bet they'd be surprised to boot!

Delicious, right?
From Elizabeth's blog: Oh Fransson!

Even the template was a cinch to make, as I was lucky to have a piece of transparent template plastic on hand.   I think the blue fabrics will be the middle ring, with a small and large mustard ring... then the solid will be Aloe Kona.  I hope its not a color disaster once its finished, although I like how it looks on the cutting table!

 What's my favorite print of this bunch, you ask?  Well its this one, which makes it into every photo!
It's called So Sophie by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake.  And it appears to be out of stock at the moment so I'm lucky to have snagged it! 

So.... I won't beat around the bush.  Have you pre-ordered your Flea Market Fancy yet?
I did.  But only the 4 prints I really love, minus the eyelet in Green and Blue which was already sold out (in pre-order?)  Odd, but thats ok - maybe I can find it elsewhere.
 Thank you Hawthorne Threads!

Friday, February 17, 2012

{blocks as decor}

These are quilt as you go blocks, and I only have 9 of them finished.
Of course its on my to-do list to make about 3 dozen more and create a quilt out of them... but alas, their time has not yet come.  BUT they look pretty good strung across my curtain wire above the "new" fabric cabinet.  I glance at them 47 times a day and its a good reminder that I shouldn't keep pushing it to the back burner.  

Yes yes, I know.  I need to take photo of my completed sewing room!  Once I clear off my cutting table and clean the floors of the giant dust/lint/thread bunnies - photos might just happen.  
I promise that post will be in the near future. Seriously.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

proper binding + need a name for this quilt

I'm at the binding stage of this quilt and I decided to make proper binding which is cut on the bias. I've heard multiple testimonies that binding on the bias makes the binding last infinitely longer, as the cross-weave is much stronger.  I have every intention of being buried with this quilt so I figure the binding better last that long too.  I kid you not.

I contemplated using this method but I'm just too lazy so I did piece all my binding (pieced straight instead of diagonal , again, I'm lazy) but someday I might attempt it.  How could I not love the idea of all my binding being PRE-pieced, therefore after cutting you get one long strip of fabric!  Sounds fabulous right?!  If anyone has tried it before, let me know how you fared...

Oddly enough, the deadline to submit quilt entries for the NQA Quilt Show is April 30th, so I think I'll be well ahead of the game!  Amazing, in my world.  My friend AnneMarie is also submitting a quilt and it looks like ours will be the ONLY modern quilts in the bunch.  Maybe we'll start a trend... 
AM's quilt is freshly finished - go check it out!!!  Its gorgeous!

Finally, I need a name for this quilt.  I'm completely awful at coming up with names so I look to you, my quilty friends, for the answer!  Need to see the whole thing?  Here it is, although not finished - notice the date of that post, over a year ago!  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{thrift store love}

I don't go in thrift stores very often (except Once Upon a Child) but this past weekend I was with my sister and we randomly went into one such store and I always eyeball the bed linen pile for vintage sheets.  I don't know if the above pillow cases are particularly vintage but I loved the colors AND print therefore I grabbed them, for .50 each!   Both will be added to my stash and probably be used to back small quilts, mug rugs... or I could see them being mixed into a quilt top too!  They've already been thoroughly washed in hot water, to be sure!

 My reusable grocery bags have mysteriously disappeared from the my car so I'm looking for that PERFECT pattern to make a batch of handmade ones... instead of paying $1 or more per bag retail.  These four t-shirts are from the same thrift store, and this top one cracks me up:  "Stull Custom Grillz Orthodontics."  (My braces came off less than a year ago so I can totally relate!)  
Sister emailed me this pattern and I think it might be just the ticket!  They should hold lots of groceries... easy to make... and I don't have to cut into my fabric stash at $7-$11 per yard.  No one at the grocery store CARES if my grocery bags are made from rare OOP Denise Schmidt fabric.  Right?  I'd rather save it for other projects that don't involve crushed strawberries, that mystery goo on the outside of the sweet tea jug, or stray raw chicken juice.  These t-shirt bags are washable to boot too!  Love that!

I'll let you know how they turn out...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Will I regret this?

I sure hope not....

The quilting is 40% done.... can I have it finished by tomorrow night?  
Unlikely, but possible.

And for you seasoned quilters out there: How perfect does a quilt have to be to make it into the NQA Quilt Show
(Said show held right here in scenic Columbus, Ohio)
I'd love to enter this quilt, but there's nothing perfect about it...