Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{WIP Wed + a fav}

 My first attempt at paper piecing!
And I haven't even started sewing yet!  Just trying to lay it out... and I'm still about 50 squares short which reminds me to print out more. (done!)
I have a surprisingly sad supply of red fabrics so when I head to my fav little LQS tomorrow, more red is in order!  This really is a fun pattern once you see it finished - by LRStitched.

I hope to get a good chunk of these squares whipped up at Quilt Camp this weekend, yay!

 A pack of 8 Chisel tip Sharpie markers snuck into my grocery cart the other day while shopping - best purchase I've made in a while!   I've always loved writing utensils... plus I LOVE the modern colors.  Its the little things, right?!
   Well done, Sharpie!  


Kristin said...

I too love colored sharpies, you can't live without them! That's a lot of little paper pieces. What kind of paper do you use? I have never paper pieced the fabric choices.....

Shankevia said...

Oh how I wish that I was that organized and detailed oriented. Can't wait to see the process and finished work. :)

Donna said...

So organized! Hope it's that much more fun when you get to stitching! :-)