Friday, November 9, 2012

Seaside Improv Quilt Top + a {W}all

Hallelujah its done!  Well, the top, that is.
I'm only slightly baffled how to quilt it.  It reminds me of the sea (or any body of water aside from a reservoir... which is all we have around here!) So I was thinking of doing some sparse wavy quilting.  I want to keep it modern, and low key, which would also keep it super soft.  If not waves, maybe some shallow zig-zag (chevron) quilting along these lines? 

Give me your best quilting suggestion - this is the worst part of making a quilt for me - deciding how to actually QUILT the thing!  Maybe if my machine was a bit more... big quilt friendly... I wouldn't be so hesitant.  Someday I'll have a big-a** machine like this or this or this.  I'm pretty sure these machines cost more than my current car, but that's ok.  My little Janome Magnolia 7330 (kinda looks like a toy next to these mega-machines) mostly does the trick.

Due to the random and improvisational piecing I think it would appropriate for me to enter it in the Improvisation category at QuiltCon

As for binding - probably Kona Coal which is dark grey.  I typically love a super scrappy binding but maybe an all-solid frame for this quilt would be appropriate.  I won't cross that bridge till I come to it.  Hopefully in the next week or two.. time is ticking for Nov 30th deadline!

And I'm linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced!  This is one WIP I cannot wait to finish!

Now that we've been in our "new" home for almost a year - I've finally got the entry way almost decorated, half way.  I'm still lacking a bench to sit on while putting on/taking off shoes but that's a conundrum I can solve soon, even if I have to set up a folding chair.  Oh wait, I did put out a folding chair!  Haha - whatever.  I have no shame.

BUT these fun Double-U's are a great start to decorating the big wall, no?  Our last name starts with W, so why not? The small tin one and bigger Orange one are from Etsy... the teal one from Hobby Lobby (I know, right!!) and the cool fleur de lis W is from an awesome upcycle shop in Tampa FL.  My older sister has a similar one in her house in Tampa!  Each one is slightly different and made from salvaged vintage tin ceilig and nailed on to a hand-shaped W.  Love it!  I want to add more W's as I find them... over the years.

And Eli had to be in one, as usual.  Silly kid.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Weekend!



Andy said...

I like your idea of sparse wavy quilting! I tried doing some gentle wave quilting on a quilt a few months ago and a) enjoyed doing it and b) loved the result!

Carla said...

Hi Cristin : ) I just found your blog via flickr and I am pretty much in love! Beautiful projects.

justsewaudrey said...

A few things. I definitely like the wavy idea for the quilting. I think it would add nicely to the blues/ocean/water colors you have going on. (love it by the way) Also, Just a quick idea. I am currently planning on making a bench/bookshelf thingy for my entry way. I found a blog that gives materials & step by step instructions on how to build them. Maybe you would find something that would fit perfect for your space. :) Love your blog!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Beautiful quilt and I love your letters!