Thursday, September 27, 2012

{Fabric Overload + A Quandary}

Happy Drawing collection from Hawthorne Threads


Its a quilters "bread and butter"... what we create with.  Without fabric no quilts, tank tops, baby bibs, or banners could emerge from our dining rooms, basements, or 3rd bedrooms turned sewing studio! 
But how much is really enough?  Obviously I don't know the answer because I can't seem to keep from acquiring more and more! Maybe if we didn't have so many amazing fabric designers out there - I could refrain from adding a few yards here and there every week!

Small and Medium Chevron by Riley Blake from Hawthorne Threads
Who can resist versatile, timeless, grey and navy chevron fabric?  Not me!
Plus I don't have much navy in my stash... check, justified that purchase!

Mama Said Sew by Moda for Sweetwater - from my LQS Sew to Speak
And whilst coerced by a friend to visit Sew to Speak last weekend I didn't plan on buying anything  - except 1.5yds of this delicious newsprint style "sewing guide" fabric!  I was tempted to buy the whole bolt, but decided against it since I just blew most of my money on a ticket to Quilt Camp coming up in December!  **Eeek!**  But that's a whole other post... (anyone else going?!)

From far away it just looks like newspaper print... close up, its me - and all my favorite things!

Last but not least: SUMMERSVILLE by Lu Summers! My good friend Jac sent me a text one day letting me know this collection was on (major!) sale... and we split the shipping cost so yeah, I couldn't say no!  Mini houses and hand drawn squiggles. Love.

So there are my unplanned, no-i-do-not-need-it fabric purchases, just in the last couple of weeks.
I probably shouldn't say "I swear I won't buy any more," because it might be a fib. 

Help me out here.
Here's my quandary, I'd love your input if you've gone through this yourself:
I want to change the name of my blog (especially the URL) to a new, more hip, less long, easier to remember name.   
I'm really liking "Pear Tree Stitching" - don't worry, we actually have a pear tree in our front yard!  And the name is not taken anywhere else in the world wide web... that I could find.
So how did you go about moving to a new web address without losing the old content, followers, email subscribers, google reader people etc?  I've been trying to research it online... I just wish I was more tech savvy!  I have over 500 followers, and I'd love the transition to be smooth for all 500 of them!   
I do love Blogspot and will probably stay with them.
If you have done it, or know of a good resource for learning how to do it, please share!
Thank you!


Faith Jones said...

Yay for fabric AND quilt camp!! :) I'm so happy you are coming, we are going to have a blast!

I moved my blog a little while ago and it involved changing the URL (not the name of my blog, but a new URL so pretty much the same thing). I use Wordpress and was able to export my content and then import it to my new host (also Wordpress). Not saying it wasn't a bit painful - I had to change a bunch of links - but it was doable! Look for an "Export" option for blogger and hopefully you can import it to your new blog. :)

Heather D. said...

Hmmm, I'll be following whatever responses you get from this because I am looking to do the same thing. I've never loved my blog name, and now just recently opened an etsy shop with a name I love, Winding Bobbins, which I'd like to use for my blog eventually too but I don't know how and I don't want to confuse and/or lose anyone!!

Amanda said...

I've been thinking to go too! do you have a roomie yet? and are you getting the extra Thursday?

Shari said...

Business first----The easiest way to change the name of your blog is to purchase the domain name you want from a service like GoDaddy and set it to forward to your existing blog. You can then cosmetically change your blog and you're done. The URL displayed in the address bar will display the name as your blog is hosted today ( but really---who looks up there anyway? $50 and an hour of effort at the most!

Quilt camp---yes! I too am a camper. I'm estastic that I can participate in this event only a couple of hours from home. I'm camping Thursday too. Now to narrow down the list of projects I want to tackle!