Sunday, September 30, 2012

A finished quilt top and its road trip + Eli

 Three cheers for a finished quilt top!  Yippee! Yippee! and Woohoooo!
Its twin size, measures about 66x85" and you can learn all about those 6" charm squares here.  Almost all of the prints are from my stash, save the Kona Solid in Cloud blue.

 This weekend I took a little road trip to my hometown of Sandusky, Ohio for my {best-friend-since-3rd-grade's} baby shower!  So excited for her!  (more on that below)
Anyhow, I took a little detour on the way home and stopped at one of the many shoreline parks along Lake Erie and the Sandusky Bay and snapped a few shots of this quilt top.

Over the next few days I'll baste and start quilting this guy, I'm looking forward to sending it off to its new home in Canada!

Halfway between Sandusky and Columbus is a little town called Bucyrus (pronounced bue-SIE-rus) and they have an amazingly beautiful mural on the side of one of their Uptown buildings.
I stood there a few minutes before deciding to risk getting arrested for defacing a work of art.  I figured masking tape and a quilt top was a fairly benign form of graffit.  

Back to the baby shower for a minute:
I wanted to contribute a little something to the decorations (although the sister/sister-inlaw/grandmas did an AMAZING job decorating!)  
This little bunting dressed up the gift table and will hopefully be hung in the nursery, too!
I used Ed Emberly's "Happy Drawing" fabric and added the red Pezzy Print for good measure.  Man I love baby showers!  ;-)

 Finally, here's Eli in all his cardboard block glory!
He's become quite the little builder.  Just call him Bob!


Heather D. said...

The quilt top is wonderful. Sometimes simple patchwork is just the best choice! And I love how brave you were, taking photos in public places like that. :)

Molly said...

I love the quilt top and all the photo ops it had this weekend! My sons actually love accompanying me on crazy quilt photo shoots and this weekend one went with me to a cemetery. It always amazes me how they are always enthusiastic about it. Well, sons are pretty great and I'm sure Eli will be your best quilt shoot assistant. He's getting soooo big!

Bolamo Design Studio said...

It turned out so great! Before it said Upper Sandusky......I was racking my brain where in our town that was...if only I kept reading:). now my brain hurts.

Mad props to Eli too! Elise will be more than happy to knock it down:). Out of love of course.