Friday, July 20, 2012

Yummy Pattern!

After enjoying the sight of my very first jelly roll... and allowing it to sit and get comfy in the cabinet, I've found the perfect pattern to use it with!  After many months of browsing Flickr, Pinterest, and the Moda Bakeshop I sort of decided to stop looking.  The right pattern would find me.  Whilst visiting Lavender Street Quilts this past weekend, Jaybird Quilts "Yummy" pattern to the rescue!  I saw this quilt pattern and knew it was The One!  Do check out Julie's other patterns... they're all delicious!  

I wanted simple piecing and use of my jelly roll, but modern fresh design.  I think the grey & yellow quilt on the cover drew me in first, SHOCKING, I know!  And this is my first proper quilt pattern purchase!  I'm kind of excited... following a pattern, eek!  But its fail-safe, right?!

And besides my Little Apples jelly roll, I pulled a bit of yardage from my stash... I'm a fan!

 Of course I'm not going to actually START this Little Apples quilt until I get my QuiltCon entry started and well on its way to completion... which I started today!  Is anyone planning on attending QuiltCon???  I did a quick search of current airfare prices and looks like $400+ will get me there.  Why oh why do all the cool quilt gatherings happen in Texas and California and Colorado?  What's wrong with Ohio for a location?  Yeah, I know.  It's Ohio.

So DO TELL if you're going!!!  If I cannot be there in person, I'll at least have a quilt to represent! 

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Debra said...

I won't get to go to QuiltCon because of work, but I hope things work out for you! But, as a quilter, I'm so grateful that I live in Ohio - great quilt shops, NQA in June, IQF in April, 5 modern quilt guilds (as many as the big state of Texas has!), and Amish country! The issue is that it is in Feb., and no one is going to plan a trip to Ohio in Feb.! I also wanted to let you know how much I loved your string quilt at NQA and how excited I was that it had a ribbon on it!