Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sanctuary Quilt

As my little guy would say, "All dum!"

 [fabric collection called "Sanctuary" by Patty Young]
 [a few other geometric prints were thrown in to round it out to 12 blocks - more on that here]
[I've been told this is a version of a snowball quilt]
[measures 64" square]
 [pebble quilting wore me out, but I love the effect]
[over 1500m of thread, eek]

 [backing is a flat sheet from Target, LOVE]

 [scrappy binding, hand sewn]

I know Hazel hasn't been in my photos lately... ok, in the last 2 years... so I made a point to yank her from outside and hold a treat to make her sit still for a moment.  She's still cute as a button and LOVING our new house, and especially the back yard.

As we speak, I'm on my first quilt shop hop with girls from the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild... we're heading south to Fabric Shack in Waynesville, then to Lavender Street Quilts, SEWN Studio , and lastly IKEA in Northern Cincinnati.  I know its a lot for one day but I think we can do it! Here's to hoping I come home with a penny to my name! 


Mama Masek said...

I love it! So beautiful!! Congratulations!!

Julianne K said...

Beautiful quilt, love the color scheme and it looks like the pebbles were worth it in the end! Hi Hazel!!

Katie B. said...

I love this quilt!

Alisia said...

Love the cool colors, seems so relaxing! I love floral and leafy prints! I missed out on the shop hop! Our local quilt shop in springfield was on the list, and I love the fabric shack!

Lisa said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the pebble quilting. Hope you had fun on your shop hop. said...

The pebbles do look great. Will you be bringing it next Thursday so I can look up close?