Friday, June 8, 2012

a quilt label {x2} + Eli

Notebook paper fabric from Fresh Modern Fabric on Etsy
Do you ever have days where you think you're actually accomplishing something and then you realize its quite the opposite?
I made this label for my quilt that will be going to the NQA Show (dropping it off today!) I stamped it during nap time yesterday then last night went to sew it onto the quilt...then I realized I used ink meant for paper aka water soluble, instead of fabric ink which is permanent.

So last night at 10p I sat down and made an entirely new label, and then finally attached it to the quilt.

On another note, Eli is enjoying the summer and we're outside more often than not. 
Between the pool, play parks, and friends houses... we're never bored!

Happy Weekend to you!


gale said...

That's something I would do. Have done. I think if I worked that hard on a label (and I know it takes time because I've used alphabet stamps on paper) I would buy some of that fabric that goes through the printer and copy it onto that.

Shankevia said...

Great quilt.