Sunday, June 24, 2012

My idea of relaxation

Make binding!

 Small roll is for this quilt... big roll is for Olivia's quilt, a king size - and I'm quilting both this week!  Yippeeee!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

{Bluegrass Kaleidoscope WrapUp}

 This past weekend the NQA Show was held in Columbus Ohio, and has a long standing history of traditional style quilts and techniques.  

Being of the Modern Quilt movement myself, a few of us from the Columbus MQG decided to put our modern quilts on the line and enter the show!  Some of  us girls of the CMQG had been joking that in the coming years we'd take over the NQA Show... helping it to become not just a traditional show, but also showcase modern quilts to boot!   It was a great experience, although the judges sheet I received containing constructive criticism sort of made my blood boil as I failed to sew my binding together on the bias (which I KNEW was the proper way!) and I thought I had done in the right way!  I cut it on the diagonal, but sewed the strips together straight.  Live and learn, Cristin.  Meh.

Even with my "binding technique needing review" I received an Honorable Mention ribbon! I was in complete shock and awe, having never entered a quilt in a show, and only attending one other quilt show in my life!   Bluegrass Kaleidoscope was a group submission since I had help from the fabulous girls of the {Bee}autiful VQB on flickr.  I wish I had 10 other ribbons to give to you girls that made it happen... its your award just as much as mine!  

Many thanks to: Rachel, Elizabeth, Beth, Amanda, Vickie, Heather, Megan, Amber, Jenni, and Angela!

And something I noticed while viewing the hundreds of other quilts on display at the show: EVERYONE had their quilting done on a long arm machine... from what I could see.  I was the lone soul who had straight-line quilting (done on my little home machine.)  The judges did comment how the dense straight quilting complemented the quilt design and fabric so I guess I'm no worse for wear, nor should I feel deprived, somehow... for not quilting it on a long arm.

Said quilt already has the hanging sleeve ripped off, and has been washed and dried... and now resides in my living room to cuddle under, take on picnics, and to the beach. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{Sneak Peek} binding-palooza!

420" of binding cut for the custom King sized quilt I'm working on...
Strips cut to 2.5" wide since I'll be handing stitching it down. 
(Yes, I know it takes immensely more time than machine binding, but I want this quilt to be of heirloom quality, and I consider hand binding it to be... well... the "proper" way of finishing a quilt.)

I'm jumping a bit ahead as the quilt itself isn't quilted yet! I just ordered 10 yards of fabric for the backing so while I wait for that to arrive... minus well do something useful, right?!

What's keeping your sewing machine hopping this week?


Friday, June 8, 2012

a quilt label {x2} + Eli

Notebook paper fabric from Fresh Modern Fabric on Etsy
Do you ever have days where you think you're actually accomplishing something and then you realize its quite the opposite?
I made this label for my quilt that will be going to the NQA Show (dropping it off today!) I stamped it during nap time yesterday then last night went to sew it onto the quilt...then I realized I used ink meant for paper aka water soluble, instead of fabric ink which is permanent.

So last night at 10p I sat down and made an entirely new label, and then finally attached it to the quilt.

On another note, Eli is enjoying the summer and we're outside more often than not. 
Between the pool, play parks, and friends houses... we're never bored!

Happy Weekend to you!