Monday, May 7, 2012

Made Monday {Quilted String Block Pillow}

Finally, after two years, I finished a pillow for our bed!  It goes with the quilt I made just before little guy was born... and I'll tell ya - I want four more pillows to go with this one!

I just used the grey and green scraps left over from the quilt plus others I've acquired like the green Echino cars - love those cars - and the Metro Living circles and tiles.  But seriously, it all came out of my scrap bins.  I seriously need to downsize my scraps, which, making more pillows would help the cause, to be sure!

For the quilting I used my free-motion foot and did spiraling squares in each of the four blocks.  I wanted them to look hand drawn and not-quite-perfect, to off set the bold blocks and their angles.

   The light grey thread is pretty unobtrusive, which is how I like quilting thread to look.  I like to see the design of the quilting, not necessarily the color of the thread. 

I dug into some more Ikea fabric for the backing, I call it the icing on the cake! 

Finished size: 18"x18"
Machine bound with Katie Jump Rope in Green (I'm trying not to hoard it anymore!)

I've officially started sewing a King sized quilt as a custom order, so I may a bit distanced from blogging for a bit.  Don't worry, I'll try to pop in every now and then to say hi.

Did you get to sew anything this weekend?  Or did you soak up the sun and work on the garden or flower beds?  I did a little of both!


Heather D. said...

Love the pillow! I've been planning a quilt for my parents and have been thinking of doing some sort of string block and your pillow is very inspiring!

Alisa said...

Nice pillow!

I did outside stuff, like mowing and weeding and planning and then went to church on Sunday. It was a good one though, with sunshine!

ircabbit said...

I love this pillow! It's nice for a bold splash of color that's still familiar and comfortable-feeling (if that makes any sense).
I have been wanting to make some pillows for my house but it's on the to-do list somewhere down past finishing up a bunch of UFOs that I pulled out of hiding. Maybe that would make a good break after I finish up the first few of them?

Alisia said...

Love the green and grey! My favorite print is the grey and white polka dots! I really need to make some pillows so I can get rid of scraps too!

Cynthia said...

You might be starting a new color trend :) The pillow is beautiful!

Shankevia said...

Great pillow. Just found you through Amy's crafty Shenanigans and will be making you blog a regular.