Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{Wrist Pincushion LOVE}

 Ever mean to make something for yourself and NEVER get around to it?
A wrist pincushion had been on my list for... well... ok, there's no actual paper list... but I've been thinking how handy it would be to have one for years - at least 5, as that's how long I've been sewing and quilting.  A few months ago my local {columbus} Modern Quilt Guild announced a swap, a pin cushion - for your wrist! "BRILLIANT," I thought to myself!

I added my baggie of fabric to the bucket and Kathy drew my scraps - and last week, voila!
She handed me my very own super adorable wrist pin holder!  I squealed when I opened it. No joke.   

Thank you, Kathy!  *hug*

Kathy left the button off so I could size it to my own wrist... and now it fits perfectly!

And she didn't stop with just my wrist, she made a big one too!
 Its huge, heavy, and holds LOADS of pins!  And I love it! Now there's one on my sewing table next to my machine, and one on my cutting table! Such a novel idea.

I'm very particular about my pins, and I use loads of them... so having these two darlings added to my studio makes me so very happy.

(can I say studio?  it was originally a dining room... my husband laughs at me every time I refer to it as my "studio".... grrrr... and "sewing room" sounds so menial.)

If you or someone you know (like your MOM or grandma, or SIL!) would like their very own wrist pincushion, check out this link with LOADS of variations... you'll find the "crazy quilted" style which is what mine was made from.  There are 17 styles so find one, and off you go!
They're easy, and fast to make! As in 45 minutes and you'll be wearing one!


Izzy said...

Such beautiful pincushion. I love the fabric and the wrist one is perfect! I'm going to check out that link and see if I can make one for myself. Thank you so much for sharing.

randi--i have to say said...

What a great (and cute) idea! I just sew and set the pins next to the sewing machine. This, of course leaves a very large pile at the end. Kind of irritating!

Kwilty Pleasures said...

This is Kathy (with a K) and I am so happy, Cristin, that liked the pincushions. My challenge was not so much in "making" the pincushion(s) to be be sure you got what you asked for. It was my "Kwilty Pleasure".

I am really enjoying the Modern Quilt meeting I'll actually be a member! Looking forward to more fun.

DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

All the pincushions turned out great. I call my sewing area my office. But, I also do my other work at my sewing desk.