Friday, April 13, 2012

Mug Rugs and

A sad little stack of left over tumbler blocks have been sitting on my cutting table for way too long.  So the other night I arranged them, sewed in strips, then into one big quilt sandwich, then whacked them into four separate mug rugs!  Apparently I'm in a bit of a clean-up & clear-out kind of mood... Leftover linen/cotton performed well as binding and they're now in my Etsy shop - ready to be put to good use in someone else's office, kitchen, or sewing studio!  Sorry, awesome mug not included!

And...... !

I wasn't even aware of the feature until a random gal emailed me through my blog saying she recognized the banners!  I about fell over when I saw it!  This little ol' quilt, meant for my 2 year old son to cuddle in... made it to the big time with Elizabeth Hartman and Alissa Haight Carlton! 
Thank you, Apartment Therapy, for including big and small names alike,  in your list.
*slight bow, and tips hat*


Jennifer said...

i can't ever browse apartment therapy; it sends me into a home beautification frenzy, and i'm never satisfied!

will you add one of those mug rug pics to flickr? i really like how you have attached your tags and i want to fave one of these pics to remember!

Carly said...

Seriously awesome! Congrats on the feature - I love the quilt!

Beth said...

Awesome! I' love Apartment Therapy!

Carla said...

Love the little mug rugs. I really need to make a couple of these for around my house.