Saturday, March 17, 2012

{the wonky cross pillow}

 The wonky cross quilt block has been on my to-do list for ages! (See? I'm practically the last person to try this block!) So whilst trying to figure out a second pillow design for my living room, I figured HEY why not try it?  Its quick, wonky, and a nice contrast to the other pillow... Octagonol Orb which is very precise and angular.

 I rather adore the pebble quilting!
It took 3 bobbins of thread to do a 19"x19" area, but who cares?  The pebbles soften up the blunt angles and contrast nicely.  See the one block with a blue border?  Yeah.  That block ended up over an inch too small and I was NOT going to start over so I tried to salvage it with a border.  I think it works!

 The back!  One of my favorite parts about this pillow (also pebble quilted.) 
A 20" pillow form is stuffed in this not quite 19" cover... so its bulging at the back opening.  I may end up taking out some stuffing, OR adding a button.  I have a feeling some stuffing is going to go.  Much less labor intensive.

 I thought I should take a shot without the pillow form so its not all poofy and un-square.  The binding is the same fabric I used for our curtains.  Sandi Henderson, I love your fabric!

This now completes my "I MUST make two pillows for the living room!" phase.
Thank you for listening.

I have plans to make a tank top or two (eeek!)  and a quilt from one teeny random photo from Pinterest.  Oh yes, I already have the fabric pulled...


Jan said...

I love the smaller block with the blue border. It makes the pillow cover even more modern.

Lisa said...

i love the pebble quilting too! I need to try that one more often, yours looks fabulous.

Kate said...

Love it and love the circle quilting.

MeganAnne said...

that binding is perfect... loving your pillows in these colors.

Cynthia said...

You did a fantastic job on design and color! It makes me want to make a pillow.

Jenny said...

I love this pillow and really like your quilting!