Thursday, March 15, 2012

a day of t-shirt de-construction

Or maybe its t-shirt destruction... you be the judge.

From t-shirt to grocery bag!

Here's my go at a few t-shirt grocery bags!  Let me tell you, I've already made 5 more and I love them!  Cheap, stretchy, compact,  and washable - what else could you possibly want in a grocery bag?!  I guess if they stood up on their own it would be nothing less than perfect, but then the "compact" attribute would no longer apply.  The plastic grocery bags you get in stores don't stand up on their own either, so yeah, its a moot point, I suppose.   And these hold WAAAY more.  Seriously.

I started out with a simple instruction from Martha Stewart and tweaked it to make a flat bottom, as I like to make everything more complicated!  Ok, not exactly complicated but two extra lines of stitching... worth it for more "area" at the bottom of the bag.
All you need to form the opening and handles is a good sharp pair of scissors - no sewing required!
 Detail of wrong side out... see? Not that complicated!

And here's what the finished bottom looks like.  Plenty of room for a gallon of milk, a box of tissues, 18 bags of Easter candy, or 4 boxes of cereal.  And these bags are STURDY which is most important!

So off you go!  Raid your closet (and your husbands closet!) the local thrift shop, and garage sales for medium size t-shirts...  just be careful - you don't want XXL shirts with long arm holes.  The size of the arm hole = the size of the handles.  

Time to make one bag: about 5 minutes

Have you ever re-purposed t-shirts before?  If so, what's your fav thing to make?


MB in MI said...

Very cool! Thankyou!

LuLu said...

Wow, that is totally brilliant and cute too! Thank you so much for sharing :-)

angela said...

Love that! Especially since you don't have to sew the handles. That's the worst part of tote bag making I think.