Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bluegrass Kaleidoscope Quilt... and it already has a date!

**Warning!  Obscene amount of photos, be prepared!**

A name has been chosen for this quilt so without further adieu....
Finally finished a year and a half after starting...

Bluegrass Kaleidoscope Quilt:

Straight-line quilting VERY close together, about a half inch, to be exact. 
If I had it to do over again, I would have quilted it a little less densely, but oh well.  
I admit, its a very stiff quilt but I'm sure it will soften up after a few dozen washings!  
It will not be washed anytime soon because its been accepted into the NQA Quilt Show this coming June!  The show is held in my hometown, Columbus, Ohio... so how convenient is that?  I'll actually be able to drag my family and friends to see it!  Yay! 

 For one in my life I chose one solid color for the binding... Kona in Grass Green.  I'm usually partial to a scrappy pieced binding but since the top is so busy its nice to have a calm binding, in my opinion.  I think it works rather well.

 The back is pieced from scraps, and the white strips are actually left over from a bedsheet I used as backing on another quilt.  Gotta love those bedsheets for quilting!  I do!

 Love my quilt rack!  I was a birthday gift last October but I finally get to use it in our new house... more specifically in my sewing room!  Makes a great place to hang freshly-ironed fabric, too!

 {quilting took 600+ meters of white thread, holy cow!}


 Finally, a couple shots with little guy, who is almost 2!  I had to coerce him to sit on momma's quilt.
He knew he wasn't supposed to walk on it, but I gave him the okay this time.

Bluegrass Kaleidoscope Stats:
Finished blocks are 11" square
Pieced by myself and the {Bee}autiful VQB on Flickr (which makes this a "group entry" at the NQA Show since it was me plus 10 other girls! Thanks so much girls!)
Fabric is mainly Darcey by Windham Fabrics... plus a few others thrown in for good measure.
Quilted on my little Janome Magnolia 7330

If you're wanting more background, read from past entries here here here and here.  Notice the first post was from January 2011!  Gaah!

Glad its done and I wish I could wash it up and start using it... but alas - its got a higher calling, at least until June!  Now... to figure out a sleeve for the back of it.  Any suggestions?


Katie B. said...

This is awesome! I love the quilting and the green binding. Great job!!

Faith Jones said...

It's beautiful! I love all your photos, especially the stool ones. And the Eli ones. When did he get so big?? Congratulations on being accepted in the quilt show, that's a big deal!

Heather D. said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love all the straight line quilting. Where did you get that rack? I LOVE it!

Catherine said...

Really beautiful! Green and blue is one of my favourite colour combos and its name is perfect. I love how you've used the scraps for the back which makes it truly reversible. It really deserves to be showcased at the quilt show. Congrats on a great finish!

Alisia said...

This could be my favorite quilt now! It is absolutely stunning! Great job on the quilting too! I love the texture all those lines create!

Jen said...

it's gorgeous!! i love it String quilts are so beautiful and so time consuming! The quilting is amazing! You have a lot of patience!

Susie S. said...

I love it!!! And you have inspired me to head to the quilt show this summer. :) I am from Cincy, so its not too long of a drive.

two hippos said...

what a fabulous quilt, well worth the wait!

danih03 said...

Your little guy looks like he's having a ball on that gorgeous quilt!

Corinnea said...

It's beautiful. I love Kona grass green. Your little guy is gorgeous!