Monday, February 6, 2012

Will I regret this?

I sure hope not....

The quilting is 40% done.... can I have it finished by tomorrow night?  
Unlikely, but possible.

And for you seasoned quilters out there: How perfect does a quilt have to be to make it into the NQA Quilt Show
(Said show held right here in scenic Columbus, Ohio)
I'd love to enter this quilt, but there's nothing perfect about it...


AnneMarie said...

There's nothing perfect about the one I'm entering either. I say give it a shot!

Contented Caroline said...

Perfect - whats that??? It should be perfect to you - you made it right? Any 'defects' are on purpose, its called artistic licence - act like you did everything on purpose and chances are everyone else will love it to. ve confident - enter - it looks great!!

LuLu said...

It's gorgeous!! I love the colors and the quilting is a game changer. Hang in there and get her done :-)

natalie. beyond the reef said...

how perfect does it have to be?

it's beautiful, and I love the lines.
as for nqa - make it as perfect as you can
because you want it to be the best that YOU can do.

and in between, remember to enjoy the process!!

Clair said...

Enter it, it's gorgeous!