Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{thrift store love}

I don't go in thrift stores very often (except Once Upon a Child) but this past weekend I was with my sister and we randomly went into one such store and I always eyeball the bed linen pile for vintage sheets.  I don't know if the above pillow cases are particularly vintage but I loved the colors AND print therefore I grabbed them, for .50 each!   Both will be added to my stash and probably be used to back small quilts, mug rugs... or I could see them being mixed into a quilt top too!  They've already been thoroughly washed in hot water, to be sure!

 My reusable grocery bags have mysteriously disappeared from the my car so I'm looking for that PERFECT pattern to make a batch of handmade ones... instead of paying $1 or more per bag retail.  These four t-shirts are from the same thrift store, and this top one cracks me up:  "Stull Custom Grillz Orthodontics."  (My braces came off less than a year ago so I can totally relate!)  
Sister emailed me this pattern and I think it might be just the ticket!  They should hold lots of groceries... easy to make... and I don't have to cut into my fabric stash at $7-$11 per yard.  No one at the grocery store CARES if my grocery bags are made from rare OOP Denise Schmidt fabric.  Right?  I'd rather save it for other projects that don't involve crushed strawberries, that mystery goo on the outside of the sweet tea jug, or stray raw chicken juice.  These t-shirt bags are washable to boot too!  Love that!

I'll let you know how they turn out...

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Carla said...

Cool idea and I already have some extra old T-shirts.
thanks for sharing