Thursday, January 5, 2012

yummy fabrics + smoke & mirrors

(before I begin my actual post:
 Have you been following the "100 days of quilting" on the Modern Quilt Guild's blog?!?!?!  Guess who's quilt was featured today!  Her name begins with Cris and ends in tin :-)
I'm so honored to be given that shout-out from THE Modern Quilt Guild!  And to see all the other gorgeous (and in my opinion, WAY awesome-er) quilts than mine!  So today I was pretty much on cloud 9.  *sigh*)
Ok.... anywho

I couldn't help myself, on Christmas Eve I said "Merry Christmas" to myself and grabbed these lovelies from Pink Chalk.  Man I could spend a mortgage payment in that shop!

There's something about circles that just draw me in - especially in 6 colors!  I probably have too many dots/circle prints so I thought grabbing a few scissor prints along with a random aqua chevron print was a good idea, for good measure.

And its more smoke than mirrors...

My fabric stash has steadily been growing over the past four years so now that I have an actual sewing room all to myself I thought "Hey, I need some proper storage!" Which led me to this cute antique china cabinet at a second-hand furniture store... for about half the price of a similar hutch at Ikea.
Here's the problem: The entire cabinet reeks of cigarette smoke!  So gross!  There's no way I can load it up with fabric and other fibers without everything smelling like an ash tray.  Its really a shame because its solid mahogany and cute as a button.  So.... I'll be painting it sooner (as in THIS WEEKEND!) rather than later (which was going to be this coming summer.) 
After a bit of research online I found out that wood absorbs smoke, it doesn't just sit on top of the wood.  It cannot be wiped off, rubbed off, or cleaned off otherwise.  So paint (or varnish) is the only answer, thus sealing the smoke in.   I'm hoping it looks just as good in white, and that the smoke smell is sealed in permanently!
If not, I guess I'll be seling it on Craigslist and and looking for another one.  I hope its less than a $200 hassle to paint it.  I guess I'll be finding our very soon...


Theresa said...

Such a shame to paint's lovely and I'm sure better constructed than the paper/wood that Ikea use! But then again I totally get the smell side of the argument.

randi said...

i do love the 1/2moon modern prints! so vibrant and fun!

best wishes with the hutch. if it works out for you with the paint, it's going to be beautiful!

Heather said...

OOOOoohhh.... THAT cabinet will look so GREAT painted! but why white, girlfriend!???

punch it with color mama!!!

hehehe. H

Katie said...

Yummy fabric indeed! I would totally paint that cabinet, but not white, go for colour, you're awesome with colour!

Susanne said...

This cabinet is lovely. Sad you can not keep it as it is. Best luck for the painting!

Carla said...

It's so pretty as it is but I totally understand if you have to paint.
I found this website if you're interested
they sell something that refinishes and removes the smoke oder. Don't know thing about it other than finding the site.