Thursday, January 26, 2012

Its coming along....'s a sneak peek at the Sewing Room (or Sewing STUDIO?!) progress:

Embroidery hoops as wall art!

...and a fun little stack of fabric to be turned into living room pillows sometime in the near future, give or take 6 months.

I'm not known for being specific, have you noticed? haha


Stephanie said...

What color gray is your studio? That looks close to the color I want for our bedroom/nursery. We're also hanging embroidery hoops of fabric in the nursery. So it was nice to see some hanging on a gray wall, gets me excited to get my room painted, although I can't do it so I'm trying to be patient, hahaha. Love your new stack of fabric, what is the one that looks like it has wonky stars on it?

randi--i have to say said...

hoops filled with favorite fabrics are always fun!