Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Etsy Update + Giveaway

Looking for a fun little giveaway to enter? I'm helping to sponsor the 1 year Blogaversary over at Jar of Vintage Buttons so head on over and show Leslie some love!

I've added a few new goodies to my Etsy shop!
Mini Bunting Flags

(meet 1 yr old Brooklyn, my fab baby model!)
and a few 1 onesies!

Now, I need to start ramping up my sewing efforts for a craft show I'm participating in -- in November! I know, its ages away but I'd rather spread it out instead of sewing 24/7 the month before the show.

I hope you're having a great weekend! Happy Sunday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Farmer's Wife QAL: 6 down, 105 to go!

Ahhh... Monday morning!
Don't you just love waking up to the sun shining, birds singing, and your 16 month old son covered in poo? Nothing like an early morning bath scrubbing to get the blood pumping.
We survived, all things poopy are being laundered (probably multiple times) and life goes on.

Moving on to more pleasant thoughts:
FWQAL blocks! Hip hip horray!

I'm still pretty early in the process, only having 6 blocks finished, with 105 to go... and thus I haven't yet decided if I'll place the blocks on point, like above, or... hmmm, NOT on point, like below. I'll show both options until I decide. These are old style blocks but made with modern fabrics, so what is a quilter to do? Go old-school or modernize? The book puts the blocks on point but I'm not sure it suits me.

#39 Friendship and #19 Checkerboard

Here's what all 6 blocks look like together. Right now the red block stands out, which bugs me, but I'll work in more red to balance it out. I think some deeper blues, and oranges will help too. Its slowly coming together and I even splurged on a 6.5"sq quilting ruler to easily square up each block. I'm loving it so far!

This week I'm working on backing and quilting this lovely top for charity via the Columbus MQG. If you're in the Central Ohio area, our next meeting is this Thursday @7pm! Whether you've been quilting for 20 years or 2 weeks, do consider coming!
{stepping off soap box now}

How are you all handling the heat (if you're in the 2/3 of the US with record temperatures?)
We've been going to the pool a lot, and staying in the air conditioning mostly. Oh, and sipping on the best homemade iced coffee EVER. Yum!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Eli + Homemade Iced Coffee

We're walking into church Sunday morning and Eli spots this motorcycle in the parking lot.
I find out it belongs to the drummer so while heading to our car afterwards we take a little detour and let Eli check it out. He was very impressed, and loved sitting on it! Eli is a mans man through and through, can you tell?

Breakfast at Aunt Carla's house:
Shoes are a fav toy... and little man finally put my sandal on correctly, between his toes! He was walking around like that for a while, which made it difficult to get a good shot. I'm about ready to seriously start saving for an SLR camera... my little Canon PowerShot is not cutting it!

Iced Coffee:

Have you been looking for THE best iced coffee recipe? Well you're in luck! I found it via one of my favorite quilting blogs, Film in the Fridge, and the original recipe is found here... SO YUMMY!

We were in the thick of moving last weekend but now we've settled in, I've unpacked my sewing stuff and now I can get back to my FWQAL blocks, a half finished bag, some place mats, and a charity quilt I need to back and quilt. Lots to do - but I love it!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No sewing to speak of...

... but we had a fabulous Independence Day weekend! Eli enjoyed a ride on Grandpa's boat...

He then promptly fell asleep half way through the ride. I don't blame him, the motion was putting me to sleep too! Swimming at the beach, a cookout, then fireworks were enjoyed as well.

Eli showed his eco-friendly side by creating a hat from "found" materials. Cute eh?

I was able to find some free-time and managed to cut out all 106 templates for the Farmer's Wife QAL, yay! Before they were cut I had each sheet of paper laminated at Office Max for about $16. And here's how I've decided to organize them:

Ziploc baggies numbered 1-15, 16-30 etc. should do the trick! Now there will be no hunting through a bazillion templates, just grab and go! I've even got the fabric picked out for my next two blocks. Now, if we can just get past our move this weekend (eek!!!) I can unpack all my sewing stuff and get on with my stitching addiction. We will only temporarily be living with J's parents until we find the right home for us... which could mean more sewing time for me, with an extra set of adults in the house. Right? Hmmm we'll see!

Tell me what you've been working on lately! I need my sewing fix!
A bag? A quilt? A cute little baby outfit? A skirt for yourself?