Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moving Onward

If you've been wondering where I've been lately... here's the scoop:
We've finally found a house, closed on it, and have started adding a few personal touches!
Like removing the wallpaper in my sewing studio which has really opened the space... so much better!

This front hallway also had the pink and blue wallpaper, its gone!  Thank goodness it was properly installed (10 years ago when the house was built?)  so it came down easily with peeling off the top layer then using a wallpaper steamer on the glue paper. 

Here's the living room - yet to be painted a super light aqua green, which will hopefully go well with my choice for curtains - Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden in Paisley Garden.  I LOVE this fabric and I think I'll probably hate the paint color until the curtains are up.  And if I still hate the paint color, I'll have to figure out a new color, because I'm set on my curtain fabric choice!  Any suggestions for another color?  The fabric looks "turquoise blue" but is actually closer to the green family.  Eeek!

Here's our master bedroom.  And yes, I chose that shade of green!  Its inspired by Kona Grass Green so it will compliment my bed quilt.  Its quite bold, and a tad darker than I wanted, but I think it will grow on me once all the furniture is in and the bed is made.

(love the double closet that runs the whole length of that wall!)
And here's my lighting fixture tip: has THE best selection and price on modern lighting fixtures!
I purchased this one for the eating area and this one for the sewing studio.... go ahead, try  to find decent pendants at a big box store. 

So this is where I've been hanging out for the last week or so.  I've been able to do a little sewing, mostly on a secret project for Christmas, which I'll share after the fact.  Sorry...  no sewing pics to share until then.  What have ya'll been up to?  Are you finished with your Christmas Sewing?? 


Jen said...

I think your bedroom color will look so nice with your quilt!! Even if it is a little dark, it will look great b/c your quilt is mainly light with the darker green in it. I think the wall color will make your quilt stand out so nice! I wouldn't go lighter at all on the walls!

Stephanie said...

Bedrooms are nice in a darker color, because you want a cozy intimate feel. It will look awesome with your quilt! You could do a nice neutral on your living room walls so the curtains stand out more. Even a nice modern gray would be awesome! No Christmas sewing for me this year... I'm nauseas and growing a little person ;)

Carla said...

It will all look great when you have it all put together. My bedroom is a dark red. I picked it and stuck with it but got scared until all the furniture was in. With your eye for color it will be awesome.

Rhonda G said...

Thank you for the tip about overstock dot com. I loved looking at your house photo's. It looks a lot like ours inside (before photo's). At least you have closets. This old house doesn't even have that. We are going to work on the laundry area next. Then finally after four years - maybe, just maybe we'll get to the kitchen. Master bedroom has to still wait... I want a kitchen. LOL