Thursday, October 27, 2011

{Pillow Talk} + Wallflower in Mustard

They're in your family room, living room, bedroom, maybe even in your office or kitchen.
The odds are your dog or cat has her own pillow!  So what took me so long to decide to whip up my first pillows?  I have no idea.  But I'm so glad I did... and I'm hooked! 

I wanted something more 3-dimentional to showcase at Craft Shows this November so I thought, "Hey, should I attempt to make some pillows?  Dare I try?"  
Well, I tried.  And it was way less painful and tedious that I thought it would be!  Its more like making a couple of mini quilts!  And more functional if I do say so myself.
I used the (free!) Stripe of Strips pattern and dug into my scrap pile to make the center strips.  LOVE how they turned out especially with the Kona cotton in Coal added!  And I broke down and used the much hoarded DS Quilts fabric for the back and binding.  Binding these pillows like a quilt is not in the actual pattern, but I love how it looks so I wandered off the pattern.  Shocking, I know.

Trust me, if these pillows (for some crazy reason) do not sell I will claim them for myself!  
Otherwise, I'll be making a new set for the (yet to be purchased) living room... and bedroom... and Eli's room... and the entry way... and my car.  And even one for Hazel!

OH and maybe they'd make good Christmas gifts for sisters and sisters-in-law?  
Nooooooo... they'd hate them!  Ok, maybe they'd love them.
And for those of you obsessed with fabric in the mustard range of color, or Amy Butler, or both... I actually found a shop on Etsy selling this Lotus Wallflower pattern in mustard yellow!!!   And not for $16.99 per FQ!
I decided to bestow 1/2 yard to my fabric stash because, well.... just because.

What's the one fabric you'd looooove to have but just cannot seem to find it?


Kelly said...

I've been wanting some Munki Munki field trip fabric, especially a piece with a dinosaur on it!

BaileyGirl5 said...

Oh I've got searches out for Moda Lush with the deer. I think it would be perfect for a quilt for my son.

Alisa said...

Well, I'd love some Heather Ross Swimming School fabric, but I just cannot justify the price. Still looking for a deal. :)

Tracy said...

Let me know where you will be for your craft shows :)
My mom got the cutter a few days ago and LOVES it. I am going to see her on Saturday for a demo.

M-R said...

Those pillows are beautiful, Cristin! Well done!

Beth said...

Very pretty! I am having a couch reupholstered and need to sew some new pillows!