Monday, October 24, 2011

My Ladder Theory

What does a quilter do when she does not want to lug her brand new dark wood quilt rack to two different craft shows next month?  Well she wracks her brain for Flickr images she's seen in the last two years... and I could not find the photo but a very resourceful gal at a craft show in PA was using a LADDER to hang quilts and blankets on!  How genius! 
 I scoured Craigslist and found this plain old 5' ladder someone was dying to give me for just $15.  Most home improvement stores don't even carry wooden ladders anymore as they're all made of composite/plastic... so I was thrilled to find this practically new "quilt rack" for CHEAP in the next burb over!
I removed all the stickers, then added a coat of spray primer and two coats of spray paint and shazaam I have a collapsible customized quilt rack for my two shows... yay!  And it isn't bad for taking sewing photos either! 

I've been working on said craft shows since July so here are a couple more items I've whipped up!
 Some girl bibs made from Amy Butler home dec fabric, I believe its the "LOVE" collection.  Backed with white terrycloth.  And I used the bib pattern out of my Lotta Jansdotter baby sewing book, although squared off the bottom edge.  I rather like my new label placement... makes it look legit, ya know?

 This is my favorite bib... bold, bright, and says "I'm a girl but where's my plate of spaghetti!? Bring it, Mom!"  Eli has a couple of these bibs (in greys/reds/black) and I love them!!!!

Then there's  the release of Jessica Levitt's new book, Modern Mix! I actually don't own the book (yet!) but I think it will be in my grubby little hands by Christmas, even if I have to gift it to myself!
Well there's been a whirlwind blog tour for this book and one of the patterns from the book is actually available for FREE as a PDF.  These colorful strips are going to turn into two pillows, 18" square, each!  I 'm going to flank each stripe with Kona Coal... yum!  
I just dug thru my scraps and voila, I loved how it looked... and it was SO easy to sew!  I know I say that all the time but this pattern is great!  I'll be sure to share my finished pillows soon, promise!

So what have ya'll been up to?  Have a productive weekend? 

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Alli said...

Your ladder is awesome! I love the happy blue color and that it's wooden. Your idea was so smart! :)