Thursday, September 1, 2011

on my cutting table

Potholders! In various stages of completion...

I finished 2 and noticed they weren't quite the same size, so I decided that 7"x7.5" will be my standard... as most people probably prefer a set that match, in terms of size, at least.

This made a decent dent in my scraps, thank goodness!
No pattern as usual, I just wing it.

Basic instructions:
~ Sew fabric strips of varying widths together until you get a square about 7.5"x8"
~ Use some sort of heat-resistant material for the batting, I used Quilted Ironing Board Covering which was suggested by an employee at JO-Anns.
~ Cut heat resistant material about 8.5"x9"
~ Choose a coordinating cotton (or home dec weight) fabric for backing, make it larger than the batting.
~ Sandwich all 3 layers together (I use quilt basting spray, LOVE it!)
~ Quilt as desired.
~ Choose another coordinating fabric and bind just like a quilt. Add loop if desired.

I experimented a little bit, love the wavy quilting!

Was it dumb of me to make girly pink potholders? Anyone out there have a pink kitchen?
Who knows, some bachelorette might be dying to own pink potholders. Or orange ones, for that matter.

One can hope.And I'll be honest.
I haven't actually tested a handmade potholder yet so I was skeptical as to the heat-resistant-ness of the batting I used. Everyone online seems to use a layer or two of Insulbright... but it just seems so thin to me. Yeah, I like to be different. So I just ran upstairs, put a bowl of water in the microwave, and boiled it. Success! The ironing board stuff protected my hand and made for a nice cushy cooking experience.
So, note to self: If its good enough for an ironing board, its good enough for the kitchen.

What's on your sewing table/cutting table/design wall/knitting needles/crochet hook/loom/pottery wheel/easel/dining room table?


Katie B. said...

I love the wavy quilting on the yellow/gray ones!

And your potholders would look great in my very orange kitchen!

AnneMarie said...

I don't care for insulbright. It's loud and crinkly. I'll have to try this!

janae king said...

your potholders are adorable, and i love the prints you chose to go together, they're so fresh and modern. good job!

Vickie E said...

I use insulbrite and I haven't had any problems...but I each his own. Do what works.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

I'm an insulbright girl, too. But I also like 'puffy', so I add batting in with the insulbright! (others have used canvas...)
Regardless, enjoy!!

...julia... said...

I don't mind my pot holders not matching my kitchen, they are supposed to be fun!